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Approach: Creating Experiences That Truly Connect

Approach: Creating Experiences That Truly Connect

We are guided by our ethos to ensure that technology truly connects with people.

That connection – which we call effective UI – manifests as the set and sequence of carefully crafted and nuanced interactions that enable the success of a digital product, application or experience.

To foster that connection, we adapt systems and technology to human behavior (not the other way around).

All too often, technology fails to connect with people. That failure typically stems from following a process that puts interface creation toward the end of an important project, as though it were just ‘the icing on the cake.’ With the interface so often treated as an afterthought, it’s no wonder that over 60% of software projects and digital products are not successful (Standish CHAOS Report, 2013).

Having completed more than 600 successful projects, we know how to work collaboratively with our clients to solve complex business problems and drive transformation through four tightly integrated areas of expertise: User Research and Insight, Digital Strategy, UX Architecture and Design and UI Development and Integration. Through every phase of our projects, we never lose sight of the interface between people and technology.

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