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Effective Labs

Effective Labs

Effective Labs, a deeply collaborative five-day design sprint, moves from idea to a user-tested prototype to realize and validate innovation.

Effective Labs is an ideal fit for an organization looking to:

  • Validate a new idea/concept with real user feedback
  • Give form to ‘what ifs’ and ‘I wonder’ in an iterative environment
  • Move quickly from ideation to execution at a fraction of the cost and time

How is Effective Labs different from other design sprints?

Our decade of experience solving enterprise-level challenges for Fortune 500 companies gives us a elevated level of expertise to uncover industry-changing insights.

We take the best elements of a popular design sprint model and have integrated our own expertise in human-centered design and research methods. Our approach includes design decisions informed by customer behavior, while also considering the business key performance indicators. This process allows us to jumpstart progress on the challenges of today’s fast-changing marketplace – keep pace with customer expectations, modernize technology and drive innovation.

What does an Effective Labs engagement look like?

Throughout the five-day framework (see right), our experienced UX and digital design experts collaborate with the clients’ cross-functional team to quickly move from idea to prototype by employing a test-driven design methodology. The week culminates in the creation of a user-validated prototype, providing a solid foundation for future planning and development. Guided by real user feedback, each prototype aims to validate product assumptions and craft design solutions that ultimately meet the needs of the user.

At the end of an Effective Labs engagement, organizations can move into the next phase of a project confident they are solving the right problem with the best possible solution.

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