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Program Management:
Building Partnerships

Program Management: Building Relationships

Clients value the way we work as much as the work we do. Effective’s engagement managers, account managers and executive sponsors are focused on building enduring client partnerships … not only through outstanding delivery but also through the journey of working together.

Knowing that no two projects are identical, our engagement managers help determine the optimal approach and methodology. They manage day-to-day project operations, keeping all parties in-sync along the way. While they are tasked with managing time, budget and scope, their job is also to foster collaboration and a spirit of co-creation with our clients to drive business impact.

We know that moving forward with a partner requires the work of a number of people. We also know that without senior executive sponsorship, on both sides, competing priorities can keep organizations from advancing bold initiatives. Every member of Effective’s leadership team, as well as the managing directors in each of our offices, devote a significant portion of their time to engaging with counterparts on the client-side to ensure project success.

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