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How to Facilitate a Design Workshop for Stakeholders

by Brian O'Keefe
February 26, 2015

This may sound familiar… You have invited a group of people to participate in a design workshop and you’re receiving responses like this: “Is this really just a glorified meeting?” or “Why are we doing this again?” Design workshops that are structured to bring together stakeholders who do not normally interact or otherwise collaborate can be a great opportunity to [...]

History Hunting in Downtown Denver: Manufacturers of All Kinds of First Class

by Beth Koloski
February 25, 2015

In the last history-hunting installment, we learned that the building that currently houses EffectiveUI’s Denver office was previously occupied by the L.A. Melburn Wagon Works in 1887.  So cool! People have been building stuff on this very location for at least 128 years! That set us up for our next history-hunting challenge. Could we find out anything about this L.A. [...]

Asking the Right Questions Can Improve the Customer Experience

by Jason Grant
February 24, 2015

User experience design is often viewed by organizations as a way to polish their existing experience to improve customer satisfaction. While a noble goal, it doesn’t take into account that sometimes the existing experience fails to meet an underlying customer need. But how can that need be determined? During a recent round of ongoing education I decided to improve my [...]

Generating a Downloadable Word Document in the Browser

by Josh Kramer
February 23, 2015

As a developer, generating files for a user to download from a website is a fairly common task. The use cases range from providing a PDF of event tickets or a receipt, to generating a custom image from user-entered data. Regardless of the purpose, a developer is faced with a decision, “Do I generate the file server- or client-side?” In [...]

Design Sketching: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
February 19, 2015

Design sketching is most often a process that goes on behind closed doors, out of client sight. Many agencies include it as a hidden cost. I fundamentally disagree with that approach. Sketching is often hidden for two reasons. The first is that clients may not understand its value to the design process. I think that is a failure of the [...]

History Hunting in Downtown Denver: Who Was Here First?

by Beth Koloski
February 18, 2015

Last fall, some colleagues and I took a trip to the Western History room at the Denver Public Library to see if we could dig up any history about the building we work in. With help from the awesome staff there, we hit the jackpot, and were able to find some amazing stories, dating back to 1887.   The first [...]

Uncomfortable User Interfaces and Experiences

by James Wondrack
February 11, 2015

Successful user interfaces achieve a level of intellectual transparency. By leveraging user known patterns, inherent logic, learned arrangements, anatomy, or contextual realities, user interfaces are adopted as part of our digital device lexicon. To illustrate what can be taken for granted during the creation of user interfaces, I purposely violated a few widely accepted user-centered design values to create the [...]

Flexbox: CSS Layout Design Done Right, Finally!

by Harsh Agrawal
February 10, 2015

Most Web layouts today are based on some form of a grid system. How many of you have had to hack through your CSS to accommodate the notoriously unfriendly float and inline-block methods in order to lay out the designs? Even then, achieving pixel-perfect precision with layouts remains a major challenge. It’s hard to believe, but something as trivial as [...]

A Peer Mentorship Community for Professional Women: Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?

by Lindsey Jones
February 3, 2015

“Meet Glassbreakers, The Startup Trying To Break Silicon Valley’s Bro Culture” says International Business Times. And I say, “WDITOT?!” My supreme jealousy of this ingenious idea is only compounded by the fact that I actually know one of the gals who did think of this – co-founder/CTO Lauren Mosenthal. We’re both alums of BDW, a graduate program in Boulder focused [...]

Join us for the Global Service Jam

by Beth Koloski
February 2, 2015

What do Denver, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Jakarta, Auckland, Cairo, Milan, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Zaragoza and several dozen other cities have in common? We are all hosting a Global Service Jam! And you are invited to join us. What’s a Global Service Jam, you ask? A Global Service Jam is a weekend-long event where people who are interested in service and [...]