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  • Fuzz Alert Pro iPhone App Notifies Drivers of Speed Traps

    My co-worker and friend Patrick Hansen and I spent two months working together to design, implement, test and ultimately release the app, Fuzz Alert Pro, which made it onto the App Store just a few days ago. As a closeted UX designer-wannabe (all right, I’m out of the closet now, aren’t I?), I found this app fascinating in its challenge. We wanted to make an app with an interface perfect for driving. There’s a handful of other apps out there that do something similar, but it was clear that none of them had its UI right. In this industry, how your app speaks with the users is as much a part of its success as its technical achievements.

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  • FITC Hosts Imaginative and Immersive Interactive Installations

    Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson were unique from the other FITC San Francisco participants in two ways. First, rather than traditional computer art or design, Emily and Theo specialize in what they call “Interactive Installations.” Second, unlike many of the other participants, Emily and Theo represent one of the best partnerships between a creative designer and developer that I’ve ever witnessed.

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  • Vote for EffectiveUI Speakers at SXSW Interactive 2011

    EffectiveUI has three speaking topics in the running for SXSW Interactive 2011, and you can help ensure we’re heard by voting foreach through Panel Picker SXSW 2011. Your votes, in conjunction with an advisory panel review, will determine whom among the hundreds of entrants will speak at this exciting, multi-media event. Simply click the links below to go to the Panel Picker site and vote.

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  • Do You Really Need an App for That?

    The success of the iPad and iPhone has spurred a mobile app frenzy. Everyone wants to get in on the action before they even consider if it’s something their customers need or want.

    The reality is more consumers are using mobile versions of websites than they are applications.

    According to a comScore report released June 2: “Although application access is clearly on the rise… content consumption via browser continues to be the most popular method for Americans to access mobile media.”

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