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New Harris Interactive Study Finds Nearly 40% of Users Unhappy with Mobile Apps

We’ve witnessed for quite awhile now that as companies rush their mobile strategies, they are actually hurting and not helping their brand. The good news is it can be avoided.

In the last year we’ve received a significant increase in requests for mobile apps, and almost 50 percent of our clients, including Fortune 500 companies, are looking for help with their mobile application strategy.  Nearly all of them have approached us for a multi-channel strategy, including mobile, to increase customer loyalty and extend their brand.

However, the issue we are being faced with is that organizations are designing without keeping their customers’ and business needs in mind. Knowing that we all value the quantitative investigation along with qualitative we decided to solicit input from mobile phone users.

A new Harris Interactive study conducted online in October, and commissioned by EffectiveUI, finds the majority of mobile phone users who download and use applications choose to download those apps based on recommendations and good user experience (UX), rather than the brand name company or organization that released it.

Even we were a bit surprised with the numbers:

  • 69% agree that if a brand name mobile app is not useful, helpful or easy to use it results in a negative perception about the brand
  • 66% have downloaded an app based on a review or recommendation
  • 57% have recommended an app because of a positive experience
  • 38% of users are unhappy with mobile applications from their favorite brands
  • Only 18% of mobile app users consider whether the application is from a brand name company or organization when deciding whether to download an app
  • 13% have avoided downloading applications from a brand name company or organization due to a previous bad experience with another app offered by that brand

A good user experience is, once again, the key component with mobile.   It’s the one digital opportunity for organizations to get customers to physically carry their brand and easily share with others.

Don’t rush your mobile app, focus on the experience, and design for your customer and with your business needs in mind. With mobile, brand recognition will only get you so far. If you implement with usability and user insights in mind, it will go everywhere.

For tips on mobile best practices, you can refer to this recent post from EffectiveUI co-founder, Anthony Franco.