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The Laws of UX, Part Three

by Aaron Wessels
December 21, 2010

Our final installment in the Laws of UX series covers the strategy around user experience. EffectiveUI President Anthony Franco shares the last set of laws, which explain the steps and tactics companies can take to ensure project success — both for users and for internal stakeholders.

The Laws of UX, Part Two

by Aaron Wessels
December 14, 2010

Our second post in the three-part series will focus on why design is such an important piece of the overall user experience practice. There are many facets to a great user experience, but design is one of the most visible, and most critical. EffectiveUI President Anthony Franco discusses what “good design” really means, and why it’s so important to know exactly who you’re designing for.

The Laws of UX, Part One

by Aaron Wessels
December 9, 2010

We’d like to help you get started by sharing “The Laws of UX,” a three-part series that explores the rules to follow when creating digital experiences. Here, in Part One, EffectiveUI President Anthony Franco helps you examine who your users are.