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RailsConf 2011

by Tony Hillerson
May 23, 2011

I spent last week at RailsConf, my favorite conference. The unofficial theme this year was definitely Javascript. Some great changes coming to Rails 3.1 (c.f. DHH’s keynote) show that Javascript and CSS are becoming first class citizens. SproutCore, Backbone, Sprockets, and CoffeeScript were big, but there were at least a few sessions on testing Javascript too. There are two directions [...]

Google I/O – Day 2

by Tony Hillerson
May 12, 2011

On day two, the keynote was all about the Web. It’s been a while since Google announced ChromeOS, an operating system based on Google’s web browser. Today at Google I/O, we saw more of Google’s strategy for ChromeOS with the announcement of commercial Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung in June. But perhaps the most interesting announcement by SVP Vic Gundotra [...]

The Future of the Paywall

by Seth Gerard
May 9, 2011

User Experience designer Seth Gerard recommends an article regarding the customer’s experience with the digital content paywall.

GEL 2011 Conference Recap

by Peyton Lindley
May 5, 2011

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend a refreshingly unique conference, GEL 2011 in New York. The brainchild of Mark Hurst, GEL (Good Experience Live) is a wonderful break from conventional conference modalities.