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Customer Insight and Agile Love

by Julia Barrett
July 11, 2011

Co-authored by Tracy Zarzan At the outset, Agile and customer insight seem to have conflicting agendas. Very simply, Agile’s major goal is to create working software quickly. After all, a working product is what our clients and their businesses need. On the other hand, the purpose of customer insight is to take some time and a broader lens to understand [...]

http://www.austinbrownssfirst.euiblogentry (or Welcome to TLD Hell)

by Austin Brown
July 5, 2011

.com, .org, and .net. It used to be pretty simple for folks to find something online.  Each Top Level Domain (TLD) was reserved for different social sectors and had different rules governing its use. Recently we’ve added .ly, .cs, .tv, .fm … the list goes on, and now it will become infinitely longer with ICANN’s recent decision to allow TLDs [...]