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Your Business Rules Are Your Customer’s Experience

by Julia Barrett
May 22, 2012

As user experience designers, developers and researchers, we’re charged with improving the users’ experience so companies can increase customer happiness and retention. As such, we are typically held responsible for activities and roles such as content strategy, interaction design, visual design, and development of the front and back end of digital products — all of which, yes, influence the customer’s [...]

The Decline of SEO and the Rise of Discovery

by Dustin Chambers
May 14, 2012

During a recent internal meeting at EffectiveUI, a colleague explained to the group how a client would not implement a certain feature (fairly integral to the overall user experience) because of SEO concerns. At the time, this led me to label the SEO industry as nothing more than snake oil salesmen. After that fairly knee jerk reaction, I would like [...]

How Data Visualization Improved My Writing

by RJ Owen
May 10, 2012

I’ve never been a fan of long, exhaustive proposal documents. Reams of paper filled with jargon and buzzwords frustrate me; as someone with a development background, I value simplicity in communication above all else. Early in EffectiveUI’s history, we would respond to RFP’s with such big proposal documents. We’d assign three or four people to a proposal, and each of [...]