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Effective Thinking

Co-Creation Techniques for Designing with Stakeholders

As user experience professionals, we have spent significant time evangelizing the business value of design. It is a challenging but necessary process, and now we are seeing all that hard work come to fruition. More and more businesses are investing in design informed by user research. Today, design thinking is more fully applied to understanding customers and providing creative solutions. But in all of this excitement have we crowded out the voices of stakeholders?

We may have. So what can we do to better incorporate stakeholder knowledge and input? Better yet, how can we do this while still pushing for best-in-class designs? I explore these questions and offer a few co-creation techniques for user experience professionals working with stakeholders in a new article for UX Magazine, “Designing with Stakeholders? Accelerating the Design Process through Co-Creation.”

Do you have a few co-creation tricks up your sleeve, as well? Check out the article and add your own co-creation techniques or tales of collaboration in the comments below.