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How Open Source Software and Collaboration Enhanced the Kaspersky Lab Mobile Website

EffectiveUI had the distinct pleasure of working with Kaspersky Lab to design and develop a new version of their U.S. mobile website. We had a great time building the site, and we’re proud of the results for many reasons (check out the press release). Additionally, this mobile website project proved to be a wonderful example of innovation and teamwork thanks, in part, to open source software and collaborative processes.

Kaspersky Lab mobile websiteLeveraging Open Source Software
Every now and then, it’s worth stepping back and marveling at the enormous ecosystem of high quality open source software that is available today. So many languages and platforms have thriving open source communities that deliver solutions to save individuals and companies immeasurable amounts of time and money. And the Web, of course, is an enormous beneficiary of this innovation. From jQuery to LESS, which we used on the Kaspersky mobile website, nearly every aspect of the Web development experience is being transformed by the energy of the open source community.

Close Designer/Developer Collaboration
This project demonstrated yet again the value of designers and developers closely collaborating. Before development on the mobile website began, our designers iterated on wireframes with Kaspersky Lab. But our development team was involved in this phase of the project, too, providing technical feedback and advice about the user experience.

Once development began, the design team chipped in by writing LESS code that the development team could use straightaway, and provided invaluable UX feedback throughout the development process. Having the whole team work together from beginning to end created a common sense of purpose, helped surface the best ideas, and resulted in great efficiencies. Though we weren’t all in the same room – or even the same state – we were able to collaborate closely to create the site.

The Kaspersky Lab mobile website project reminded me why it’s a great time to be designing user experiences on the Web. With all the innovative technologies available, the support of open source communities, and workflows that make global collaboration not only possible but effective and enjoyable, what more could you ask for?