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Announcing a New Experience Architect Program for Aspiring UX Designers

by Teresa Kloser
February 25, 2013

Experience architects (aka, UX designers) are in high demand these days. In some locations, such as the Denver/Boulder area, an influx of tech startups makes it difficult for companies to find the user experience (UX) design expertise they need.

That’s why we have teamed up with the Denver-based startup ecosystem Galvanize to offer an intensive, six-month Experience Architect program for those looking to become UX design practitioners. EffectiveUI’s seasoned experience architects have combined their expertise and knowledge to form a comprehensive training course that will teach participants how to lead a UX project from research through prototyping, including conducting research and creating user flows and wireframes.

Usability TestingThe Experience Architect program is the second installment of “gSchool” from Galvanize, which provides co-working space for early stage startups, many of whom are in need of UX expertise.

Enrollment for the Experience Architect program is open today through April 1, and classes begin on June 10. The class is full-time and limited to 24 students. Students interested in the program can apply online by April 1, 2013. For more information, visit the gSchool website, see our press release or read The Denver Post article.

2 Responses to “Announcing a New Experience Architect Program for Aspiring UX Designers”

  1. This looks like such an incredible course! The problem is that there are some of us out there already working as UX or UI/UX professionals who would benefit from an evening course. Are there any plans or even thoughts about creating something like that?

  2. EffectiveUI Team

    Hi Matt, thanks for the great question. It’s possible that we will look at some sort of continuing education program like this in the future. It would be great for those who work full time and need to go to school at night.

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