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EffectiveUI Weekly Digital Digest, Dec. 20, 2016

Check out the latest EffectiveUI blog from Kristin Youngling, our Sr. Director of Data Strategy, discussing the importance of measuring user experience design and holding it accountable. In this week’s Digital Digest you’ll also find tips for designing with mobile users in mind, common mistakes UX designers made in 2016, a take on the holistic approach to design and more.

Holding UX design accountable
EffectiveUI Blog
EffectiveUI’s Sr. Director of Data Strategy, Kristin Youngling, explains why measuring user experience design and holding it accountable for delivering on business outcomes is key to sustainable success.

3 Tips for Designing With Mobile Users In Mind
Whatever the composition of your target audience, offering a mobile experience to customers and leads is undeniably important. These three tips can help you ensure that your mobile design is one that attracts and retains consumers, rather than discouraging them.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes UX Designers Made During 2016
Adobe Creative Cloud
It pretty much goes without saying that user experience is extremely important to keep in mind when designing a product, and when it comes to design trends, it’s key to find a balance between what looks nice and what works. Here are some of the most common UX fumbles designers made by following trends during 2016, as well as tips on how you can avoid making the same mistakes in your future projects.

Emotional Design for Chatbots: How to make humans love your bot
There are a lot of people who have encountered a bot in their life but most of those encounters are with bots that were not nearly as capable as some bots are today. More than likely the experience they had was very robotic, automated, and cold. It’s important that you keep this in mind as you build and market your bot.

Common Misconceptions About Web Design & Development
Speckyboy Magazine
Businesses are more and more becoming more dependent on an online presence, so the pressure to have a successful website is very high. However, some entrepreneurs have misguided notions about how web design and development should work.

Dark Side of UI: When Dark Is Good for Users
Design 4 Users
The aspect of using dark colors and shades in backgrounds of user interfaces still belongs to highly debatable issues. No wonder it’s so actual: choosing appropriate background plays a vital role on all the product efficiency as it can become a key factor enhancing or, vise versa, killing other design solutions around the layout and functionality.

These 5 Major UI Mistakes Will Kill Your App
Invision Blog
We’ve seen every one of these mistakes made by designers of all levels of experience. There’s no shame in that—a good UI design is a multifaceted challenge, and many aspects can be simply overlooked.

UX Prototypes: Low Fidelity vs. High Fidelity
Nielsen Norman Group
Clickable or static? Axure or paper? No matter which prototyping tools you use, the same tips apply to preparing a user interface prototype for the most effective user research.

Myth #15: Users make optimal choices
UX Myths
In an ideal world, users would scan through your entire page to find the very piece of information they’re looking for, but research shows this is not the case. 

A Take on the Holistic Approach of Design
Cheesecake Labs
Not always what we believe is the most pleasant look leads to the best results, and that starts to make sense when you have a logical explanation powered by metrics.

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