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EffectiveUI’s top 5 healthcare blogs of 2016

We’re counting down our top 5 healthcare blogs from 2016! Read more about how journey maps can be used to enhance the patient experience, why value-based care requires a human-centered design approach, how to design for the emotion of healthcare, and so much more.

EffectiveUI’s Top 5 Healthcare Blogs Of 2016

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#5: Designing for a patient-centric healthcare experience
Interactions regarding our health are heavily weighted with emotion. Whether it is trying to determine the cost of a procedure, finding the right physician, delivering care and services to patients, or understanding a newly diagnosed condition, we believe all those touchpoints should be designed with the emotional experience in mind.

#4: Understanding the Patient Experience: An Example (using journey maps)
Healthcare organizations today are keenly aware of the need to improve the patient experience. In most organizations, there are numerous opportunities to enhance patient intake, interactions with providers, outcomes, and follow-up. These opportunities can be uncovered through research strategies that identify pain points and provide insight into the care experience from the patient’s point of view.

#3 Consumerization of healthcare and the impact on digital product design
Caring for patients no longer involves just the delivery of a service, but rather has evolved into a participatory process where all parties are informed, involved members of a conversation. Products, tools, and experiences in healthcare touchpoints should facilitate, not hinder, the new and emerging process of care.

#2: Value-based care requires a human-centered approach
The shift from fee-for-service to value-based care has implications reaching the very core of healthcare business models, and necessitates a new way of thinking about care delivery and patient service. This shift requires the type of innovation that a human-centered approach to problem solving can foster by placing the patient experience as priority in designing the solution.

#1: Three key healthcare trends reshaping digital product design
The healthcare industry has been experiencing significant change for a number of years with the surge of new technology and innovation directly impacting the creation of digital products and experiences that serve patients, providers, payers, and others in the space. At EffectiveUI, we see three major forces affecting the healthcare industry that are essential to understand in order to create successful experiences and digital products amidst a sea of transformation.