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EffectiveUI Weekly Digital Digest, Jan. 4, 2016

Check out the latest EffectiveUI blog – we celebrated the new year by counting down our top 5 healthcare blogs of 2016! In this week’s Digital Digest you’ll also find the biggest UX challenges of 2017, the evolution of UX education, 7 ways to improve the success of your research and much more.

EffectiveUI’s top 5 healthcare blogs of 2016
EffectiveUI Blog
We’re counting down our top 5 healthcare blogs from 2016! See which blogs made the list and read more about how journey maps can be used to enhance the patient experience, why value-based care requires a human-centered design approach, how to design for the emotion of healthcare, and so much more.

The Biggest UX Challenges of 2017
Fast Co.Design
2016 raised the stakes, didn’t it? Just a year ago, it seemed like a big deal that iOS is always bugging us about our iCloud storage. Now, designers are asking themselves questions like, “wait, did my UI just give rise to a megalomaniac?”

Design for Reality, Not Glory
Invision Blog
Many of us in the tech industry are megalomaniacs. We want to build the best and the biggest. We’re always designing our apps with scalability in mind. We tend to design for the largest possible audience.

The Evolution of UX Education
Adobe Creative Cloud
As the field of user experience and interaction design evolves, so too does the educational paths and options within it. So what are some of the trends in UX education today?

27 Tips and Tricks for Conducting Successful User Research in the Field
Nielsen Norman Group
Leave your office, already, and go where the users are. There are some common pitfalls, but they can be avoided if you learn from our experience.

Why web design needs UX experts
Creative Bloq
UX might be everyone’s responsibility, but it’s risky not to have an expert at the helm; here’s why.

12 UX rules every designer should know
Web Designer Depot
“User experience” is a broad term that gets bandied around at meetings and swapped with “user interface” as if the two are the same—they’re not. This confusion has probably affected your career as UX and web design roles have slowly started to overlap. Even your clients may be confused as to what exactly your job is.

Conversational Design Essentials: Tips For Building a Chatbot
Smashing Magazine
Human interactions are incredibly fascinating if you take a close look at them — the social awkwardness, the communication styles, the way knowledge is transferred, the way stories are told and trust is built. But what happens when a machine evokes the same response?

10 Web Design Trends to Try in 2017
Ready to refresh your website? The start of the year is a great time to take a hard look at your existing design – or even new projects – and think about how to incorporate some of the latest trends into the framework.

7 Ways To Improve The Success Of Your Research
The best-laid plans of researchers often go awry. No matter how carefully a research project is planned, things may still go wrong. There are many threats to the success of a customer research project. At both big and small companies, at agencies and on the client side, research projects can fail to live up to expectations. 

Mobile App Analytics: 10 Metrics to Measure User Engagement
Cheesecake Labs
Currently about 25% of downloaded apps aren’t used more than once. Creating an engaging user experience is increasingly becoming essential as brands develop their mobile presence and hope to meet user expectations. Based on this data, how can we change the upcoming scenario for 2017?

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