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EffectiveUI Weekly Digital Digest, Jan. 10, 2017

In this week’s Digital Digest you’ll find the future of transforming the patient experience with journey mapping, how design thinking can help those who want to get unstuck, a simple method for developing design skills this year and so much more!

Is Journey Mapping the Future of Transforming the Patient Experience?  
HIT Consultant
Next IT Healthcare’s Chief Strategy Officer mentions EffectiveUI’s presentation “Designing for the Emotion of Healthcare” by our teammates Riley Conrath and Shane McAllister. Journey mapping remains one of the great opportunities for healthcare providers to revolutionize their patient experience.

Design Thinking Could Help Those Who Want To Get Unstuck
Psychologists and self help gurus have advice for people who feel stuck. If you’re looking for new ways to reboot your life as you enter the new year, you could also turn to the tech world.

The Science Behind UX Design
Most people can’t truly multitask. For that reason, good user experience (UX) design is one that gives just enough information to proceed to the next stage. 

A Simple Method for Developing Design Skills This Year
Specky Boy Magazine
There’s no shortcut or hidden trick to improving your design skills – ask anyone in design or any other field, creative or otherwise. But there is a simple way.

Building Design Success From Failure
Web Designer Depot
The longer you work as a designer, the more opportunities you’ll have to look back and say, “What was I thinking?” It’s a natural part of your evolution.

Predictions for UX Design & Research in 2017
User Zoom Blog
We live in very exciting times when it comes to digital growth. In the last two decades we have gone from justifying “UX Design is important” to knowing that “design is the business.”

Becoming a Better Facilitator
Smashing Magazine
Facilitation in the broadest sense means helping or enabling people to achieve a positive outcome. It’s an important and often under-appreciated skill for designers and other UX professionals to gain. 

Myth #17: The homepage is your most important page
UX Myths
Usability experts have long argued that your homepage is the most valuable real estate of your website. As a result, lots of web designers and developers still spend most of their time on the design of the home page.

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