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EffectiveUI Weekly Digital Digest, Jan. 31, 2016

In this week’s Digital Digest you’ll find how UX is transforming business, 5 ways to improve checkout conversion rates and avoid shopping cart abandonment, designing media apps for Generation Z, the simple formula for great UX design and so much more!

How UX Is Transforming Business (Whether You Want It To Or Not)
There’s a shift going on: A departure from organization-centric UX to a customer-centric approach. It’s the acknowledgment that business success is not just the ability to meet customer needs but to meet those needs impeccably.

Designing Media Apps For Generation Z
InVision Blog
While research on Millennials abounds, we know far less about America’s newest generation—known as Generation Z. What we do know about this generation is that they are socially and racially diverse, the first true digital natives, and are mobile first—even more so than their Millennial forebears.

The Simple Formula For Great UX Design
Web Designer Depot
The secret to creating great user experiences lies in something more fundamental: the ability to listen. After all, the foundation of great design doesn’t start on an art board; it starts with a problem.

The Underestimated Power Of Color In Mobile App Design
Smashing Magazine
Color is arguably the second most important aspect of your app, after functionality. The human to computer interaction is heavily based on interacting with graphical UI elements, and color plays a critical role in this interaction. 

What is UX Writing?
UX Booth
Let’s take a look at what UX writing is (and isn’t), what companies are looking for in these writers, and general best practices for the discipline.

5 Steps to Making Sure Your Users Trust Your Website
Speckyboy Magazine
The average Internet user will leave a web page within 10 to 20 seconds of arriving. Typically, the user will quickly scan the content of the page, get a rough idea of its intrinsic value, then decide whether to leave or stay. The challenge is encouraging the user to spend more time on your site.

UX Helps You Avoid 4 Common Pitfalls In Design
UserZoom Blog
Designing something that’s attractive and user-friendly can be difficult. There are some things designers often miss that cause problems for users. User Experience (UX) design plays an essential role in the success of your site or app. Here are four of the most common pitfalls to watch out for when working on your next design that UX can help you avoid.

Un-Abandon My Cart: 5 Ways to Improve Checkout Conversion Rates
Usabilla Blog
For e-commerce businesses, shopping cart abandonment may be the most frustrating thing that can happen. In this article, we would like to help you out with combating it by sharing five ways to improve your checkout conversion rate.

The UX Of Voice: The Invisible Interface
Digital Telepathy
Voice interaction represents the biggest UX challenge since the birth of the smartphone, so we break down the implications and opportunities for this paradigm shift in UX design.

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