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Effective Thinking

Build cross-functional teams to bridge design and development

We believe experience matters, and that doesn’t just mean building beautiful designs. Our priority is to ensure the designs we create are not only beautiful but technically feasible. Our experience tells us that a traditional design-first approach without technical input and collaboration can lead to costly difficulties when implementing. At EffectiveUI, we infuse our own flavor of agile across all research, design, and development efforts to create a rapid, efficient, and highly communicative process.

EffectiveUI was recently interviewed for Forrester Research’s report, “Integrate Design Thinking into Agile Development,” to share our best practices for collaborating with design and development teams. The report, by Amanda LeClair and Allegra Burnette, focuses on applying a DevOps-style collaboration to the front end of the software lifecycle.

In the report, EffectiveUI’s Zach Hendershot explains, “The more there’s a shared understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve, the more developers feel empowered to think on their feet as they’re building and implementing. This leads to higher quality interactions and more autonomy and efficiency.”

Image of a whiteboard that lists out the design and development priorities of a project on a weekly basis.

The report details three key takeaways that will help application development and delivery pros understand the best practices of integrating design thinking into Agile development:

  • Agile plus DevOps is only one piece of the modern app dev story
  • It’s time to integrate design thinking into Agile development
  • Cross-functional teams enable this new approach

Read the full Forrester Research report, “Integrate Design Thinking into Agile Development,” here (subscription required).