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Effective Weekly Digital Digest, March 1, 2017

Check out the latest Effective blog to learn our company news. In this week’s Digital Digest you’ll also find how to take digital transformations beyond the digital, designing digital health tools that resonate by remembering patients are consumers too, 4 simple steps for perfect web navigation, designing conversational chatbots and much more!

We are Effective. Just Effective.
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Today, we are pleased to share with you our company news. For the last 12 years, you’ve known us as EffectiveUI. Our journey continues in the same direction as always, yet we’re evolving to help clients with value creation and differentiating on experience.

Taking Digital Transformation Beyond The Digital
There is only one place where companies should always stay focused — on the customer. If a company has poor customer service, digitizing its internal operations will not improve that service. “Make the customer and his or her interactions with a product or service the starting point for digital efforts.”

To Design Digital Health Tools That Resonate, Remember Patients Are Consumers Too
Mobihealth News
It may be more challenging to make healthcare consumer-focused and tech-enabled than other industries, but that doesn’t mean some of the same design and usability sensibilities that work so well in other services can’t be applied.  

The Power of The Palette: Why Color is Key in Data Visualization and How to Use It
Adobe Creative Cloud
When it comes to making charts, scales, and explaining data visually, using color is a very effective tool. Use it right, and you can not only draw your readers in, but you can help them better understand the underlying data.

4 Simple Steps For Perfect Web Navigation
Web Designer Depot
If the navigation of a website is poorly organized, has confusing wording or has too many links, it reduces our ability to use it to find what we are looking for in a quick and easy manner. Obvious and intuitive navigation is one of the key building blocks of a great website. These practices listed below will help you create more effective navigation as part of your website.

Designing Conversational Chatbot User Interfaces
UX Matters
Now that chatbots are becoming integral parts of our lives, it’s important to consider how we can design better chatbot user experiences.

10 Ways to Simplify Your Design
Design Shack
It’s no secret that simple is often better when it comes to website design. An interface that’s simple to understand and just as simple to use is more likely to turn visitors into active users that will return to your site later.

How To Use Shadows And Blur Effects In Modern UI Design
Smashing Magazine
When you examine the most successful interaction designs of recent years, the clear winners are those who provide an excellent functionality. While functional aspect of a design is key to product success, aesthetics and visual details are equally important — particularly how they can improve those functional elements.

Where Has The Creativity Gone In Web (And UX) Design?
Invision App
This article is intended to spur some excitement and innovation in the web (and UX) design industry. There are ways to break the mold, without sacrificing conversions. Sometimes all it takes is working with the right design partner.

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