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Effective Weekly Digital Digest, March 7, 2017

In this week’s digital digest you’ll find guiding principles for connecting design and development teams, remembering the human experience when designing for a customer experience, ten steps to intuitive forms in website design, how to design for dyslexia and so much more!

When Designing A Customer Experience, Remember The Human Experience
How customers perceive and experience your business – how it feels to them and what it means to them – is never as simple as those of us who design customer experiences would like it to be.

A Digital Revolution In Health Care Is Speeding Up
The Economist
Telemedicine, predictive diagnostics, wearable sensors and a host of new apps will transform how people manage their health

Study Looks At How Interactivity and Tone Affect Engagement With Digital Health Tools
Mobihealth News
A study of 172 college students at Penn State shows that interactivity, perceived interactivity, and a conversational tone can all impact how engaged users are with a health assessment tool and what impressions they walk away with after using the tool. 

Designing for Experience
Marvel Blog
In its first era, design was seen as a problem solver; it has now moved into a second era where it’s seen as a creator of meaningful experiences.

Ten Steps to Intuitive Forms in Website Design
Speckyboy Magazine
At their best, forms interact with visitors and are user-friendly. A good form encourages visitors to fill them out for feedback, subscriptions, bookings, and registration. At their worst, forms are clunky, hard to navigate, and detract from the overall feel of your page. How do we create intuitive and efficient website forms, and how do they drive business value?

How to Design for Dyslexia
Usabilla Blog
If one in every five of your visitors are potentially affected by dyslexia, what can you be doing to optimize your digital touch points with these users in mind?

Guiding Principles for Connecting Design and Development Teams
Adobe Creative Cloud
Nowadays, design isn’t just a phase that ends before development starts. Design is interlinked with development and should be constantly refined throughout the process.

5 Reasons Why UX-Led Companies Are The Future
Usability Geek
User experience design is much more than just a visual aesthetic or a popular term for good old web design. A study by the Design Management Institute shows that user experience (UX) design-driven companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 228% over the last ten years. Regardless of industry, businesses that significantly invested in UX design were able to demonstrate an impressive advantage.

How Do You Know When a Design Fails a Usability Test?
Web Designer Depot
What does the test participant need to do or say for you to feel confident that the design has succeeded? What’s your test criteria?

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