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Effective Weekly Digital Digest, March 14, 2017

In this week’s digital digest you’ll find how to build a consistent brand across your digital experience touchpoints, the top five digital transformation trends in health care, how design thinking and agile development can help solve customer pain points, why you should design to develop and so much more!

Build a Consistent Brand Across Your Digital Experience Touchpoints
Effective Blog
By establishing the Effective Design Standards Toolkit (DST), we’re able to bridge the design of a brand experience to the development and implementation of that brand experience, particularly across large, multi-faceted organizations that have complex digital ecosystems.

Top Five Digital Transformation Trends In Health Care
No one can dispute technology’s ability to enable us all to live longer, healthier lives. From surgical robots to “smart hospitals,” the digital transformation is revolutionizing patient care in new and exciting ways. 

How Design Thinking And Agile Development Can Help You Solve Customer Pain Points
The Enterprisers Project
In order to better understand and solve their customers’ pain points, enterprises have frequently turned to new and novel methodologies. These include design thinking and agile methodology, both of which aim to create effective products from a more customer-centric perspective.

How Design Thinking Can Inform Data Problems
Inside Intercom
There is no questioning the usefulness of data in design. Data helps us understand our customers’ behavior, something that’s fundamental to good design. But the link between data and design can be a two-way street.

How to Design Empathy Maps to Better Understand Your Users
Adobe Creative Cloud
Empathy maps are a way to understand what your users are thinking and feeling when they are using your specific digital product or service. They help build a broader understanding of the ‘why’ behind user needs and actions.

Why You Should Design to Develop
At some point, all designers have found themselves in the following scenario: You’ve finished designing a project and just got stakeholder approval, so you hand off the design to your developer and pat yourself on the back. But then you get a preview. And… it looks nothing like the design you had in mind. What in the world happened?

What Web Designers Can Learn From Web Developers
Creative Bloq
Web designers tend to focus a lot of their attention on the visual elements of a design. How do the colors work together? Is the layout balanced? Is the spacing optimal? As designers, we want our creations to be as visually pleasing as possible, because we know this feeds directly into the overall quality of the experience.

How To Perfect Your Mobile App’s Login Screen
Usability Geek
The sign-up screen on mobile applications – we love it, we hate it, and we definitely love to hate it. If done right, it can be the trigger to a massive user retention. If done poorly it can have the exact opposite effect.

Your Guide to Designing Websites That Connect with the Millennial Crowd
SpeckyBoy Magazine
Millennials grew up in a world shaped by rapid technological advancements. The younger millennials do not even have memories of a world that is not easily connected to the internet by way of smartphones and tablets. For a designer to connect with the millennial crowd, there are rules you need to keep in mind.

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