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Engagement & Experience Expo: Presenting with our client, Scottrade

by Lys Maitland
January 27, 2015

One of my favorite Customer Insight research projects I have worked on lately is the Scottrade persona and journey map project. EffectiveUI was brought in to conduct qualitative interviews to serve as the basis for customer personas and journey maps. This was a very comprehensive project and I felt the work we produced was top notch. We conducted 36 in-person [...]

User Feedback beyond the Workplace

by Joel Rosen
January 26, 2015

Maybe it’s just my personality type, but I find that I pretty much have my UX hat on all the time. (Yes, it makes my wife a little crazy). As user interfaces permeate more and more of our lives, gathering real-time user feedback is becoming more “available.” All you have to do is listen to the people around you as [...]

User Empathy Can’t Be Created on Paper

by Amanda Gagliardi
October 20, 2014

Empathy – we use this word a lot in our conversations with clients and with each other. But I’m starting to wonder how often we think about what it really means. Often we talk about customer research using terms like “creating empathy,” but is that what we’re really trying to do? As humans, we spend the largest part of our [...]

Heuristic Evaluations (The UX Expert Review): What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
October 10, 2014

All UX agencies employ heuristic evaluations in their process and clients appreciate having a quick and cheap option to implement best practice in their projects. But heuristic evaluations, also known as UX expert reviews, are a contentious topic in the UX community. Though there is relative value for the low cost, most of the time the evaluations are structured such [...]

Personas and Segments Sitting in a Tree

by Julia Barrett
October 8, 2014

Market research-generated audience segmentation uncovers peoples’ perceptions. It captures likes and dislikes and informs advertising, what people will buy, and pricing. Segmentation is often crafted through quantitative research, like surveys. Design research and, more specifically, personas provide insight into what user groups do – their behaviors, goals, needs and motivations so that products and services can be designed to meet [...]

10 Reasons to Learn More about User Research

by Beth Koloski
September 30, 2014

Whether you are already incorporating user research into your design and development process or you’re totally new to it, you can learn a lot from experts who have been there, done that. EffectiveUI’s customer insight team has wrangled research insights for some major brands, including EA, Wells Fargo, Martha Stewart and Scottrade, to name a few. And this fall, we’re [...]

Customer Research Insights: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
September 5, 2014

Research insights are a key output of contextual customer research. Insights are the translations of raw data into findings and recommendations that become the guiding principles for design. What is an Insight? An insight is a window into your customers’ minds which provides accurate, deep and intuitive understanding of their needs. Some examples: Mobile banking and accounting tools are changing [...]

Conducting Contextual Research: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
August 29, 2014

Observing a contextual customer research session is a treat, and hopefully you have a chance to attend sessions with your customers in the near future. In a previous blog post, I discussed how to approach planning contextual research for the first time. Now that we’ve covered planning, I’d like to talk about a few things you should keep in mind [...]

Planning Contextual Research: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
August 22, 2014

Planning contextual research with a UX agency for the first time? Excellent! You are in for quite a treat. This ain’t your grandma’s market research. Contextual research (aka, contextual inquiry) is a design research methodology employed to allow you to get a deep understanding of your customers. It examines the context of where your customers live, work and play in [...]

They Needed a Faster Horse … and a Lot More

by Julia Barrett
August 11, 2014

In the product design community it’s often said that “Apple doesn’t do any user research.” And Henry Ford is often (mis)quoted as saying, “If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said they wanted a faster horse.” Both of these points are generally cited when someone is arguing that a team should skip customer research because, after all, [...]