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3 Ways to Engage Clients in UX Research

by RJ Owen
June 26, 2013

Traditionally, digital agencies have been brought in by clients to do something that they either can’t do themselves or don’t have the capacity for, such as designing wireframes or comping screens. The model for this kind of work has been to meet with the client to gain an understanding about their business problem, and then “go dark” while they analyze [...]

Forrester Forum For Customer Experience June 2013

by EffectiveUI Team
June 21, 2013

Join EffectiveUI at the upcoming Forrester Customer Experience Forum to explore how user-centered design and innovative technology strategies can revolutionize the way you interact with your customers online. Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum East, June 24-26 in New York, will provide insights into how to boost your customer experience to the next level through initiatives that deliver measureable ROI. “Best of [...]

Real Relationships Lead to Valuable Customer Insight

by Julia Barrett
May 14, 2013

We’ve all been there: you’re at a party, speaking to someone new. You ask their name, maybe what they do for work. They mumble a response, hesitate to make eye contact, constantly scanning the room for someone more important to speak to. Once found, they give you a comic-book smile, a perfunctory handshake, mumble something else, and walk away. It’s [...]

How User Research Informs Business Strategy

by Rebecca Flavin
February 1, 2013

At EffectiveUI, we live and breathe user research. We work to make sure we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ customers for every digital interface that we create. To us, it is second nature. I can’t tell you how often, though, we run across companies that do not take the time to truly understand their customers through user research. [...]

Decide, Don’t Slide When Creating a Customer-Centric Business

by Guest Blogger, RJ Owen
November 20, 2012

About six months ago I attended a relationship workshop with 20 or so other couples. My wife and I went hoping to learn some things about how to better relate with, understand, and better serve each other. The thing that most stuck with me was the phrase “Decide, Don’t Slide.” The presenter used this phrase to help teach us that [...]

EffectiveUI and FedEx Present Guest Executive Forum at Forrester’s CX West

by Teresa Kloser
November 14, 2012

“Our app is done!” Famous last words and possibly a sign of a bad user experience. It’s natural to want to proclaim the end of a project, but the nature of application design — especially web app design — means that an app is never really done. Even the most robust and well-planned app should be evolved to meet the [...]

Why User Research Should Not Be Done By Designers

by Julia Barrett
August 21, 2012

User Experience often encompasses both User Experience Design and User Research. When this is the case, the User Experience designer does the generative research as well as the usability testing on their own designs. While having the designer do both is helpful because they get exposure to the research findings, this approach introduces bias that can compromise product success. Here’s [...]

New Interaction Paradigms: What’s the Right Context for Gestural Interfaces?

by Lindsay Moore
June 12, 2012

A few years back, we all heard a steady rumble of excitement about gestural interfaces and how controlling your computer Minority Report-style was the new frontier of human-computer interaction. People were doing all kinds of neat DIY experiments with their video cameras, projection screens, Wii sensors, and later Kinects, and makers and geeks alike were clamoring to make the next [...]

User Experience: A Universal Language

by Ana Sofia Gonzalez
June 6, 2012

When I was taking the metro in the most romantic city in Europe, Paris, I encountered the “Franklin D. Roosevelt” station, which serves lines 1 and 9. This was an interesting station. Besides the modern decoration, it had an interactive metro map – a great idea for this station, one of the busiest in Paris, a city that serves approximately [...]