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How to Facilitate a Design Workshop for Stakeholders

by Brian O'Keefe
February 26, 2015

This may sound familiar… You have invited a group of people to participate in a design workshop and you’re receiving responses like this: “Is this really just a glorified meeting?” or “Why are we doing this again?” Design workshops that are structured to bring together stakeholders who do not normally interact or otherwise collaborate can be a great opportunity to [...]

Design Sketching: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
February 19, 2015

Design sketching is most often a process that goes on behind closed doors, out of client sight. Many agencies include it as a hidden cost. I fundamentally disagree with that approach. Sketching is often hidden for two reasons. The first is that clients may not understand its value to the design process. I think that is a failure of the [...]

Uncomfortable User Interfaces and Experiences

by James Wondrack
February 11, 2015

Successful user interfaces achieve a level of intellectual transparency. By leveraging user known patterns, inherent logic, learned arrangements, anatomy, or contextual realities, user interfaces are adopted as part of our digital device lexicon. To illustrate what can be taken for granted during the creation of user interfaces, I purposely violated a few widely accepted user-centered design values to create the [...]

Flexbox: CSS Layout Design Done Right, Finally!

by Harsh Agrawal
February 10, 2015

Most Web layouts today are based on some form of a grid system. How many of you have had to hack through your CSS to accommodate the notoriously unfriendly float and inline-block methods in order to lay out the designs? Even then, achieving pixel-perfect precision with layouts remains a major challenge. It’s hard to believe, but something as trivial as [...]

Join us for the Global Service Jam

by Beth Koloski
February 2, 2015

What do Denver, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Jakarta, Auckland, Cairo, Milan, Rotterdam, Istanbul, Zaragoza and several dozen other cities have in common? We are all hosting a Global Service Jam! And you are invited to join us. What’s a Global Service Jam, you ask? A Global Service Jam is a weekend-long event where people who are interested in service and [...]

Creativity and Ideating Solutions: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
January 29, 2015

Creativity is a practiced skill, not a genetic gift. It’s simply not true that only certain people are creative problem-solvers. While breakthroughs can come in a eureka moment, they are always preceded by some creative and iterative process with both internal and external insight. You’ve probably heard the old saying “Creativity is 1% inspiration, and 110% perspiration.” The business folklore [...]

User Feedback beyond the Workplace

by Joel Rosen
January 26, 2015

Maybe it’s just my personality type, but I find that I pretty much have my UX hat on all the time. (Yes, it makes my wife a little crazy). As user interfaces permeate more and more of our lives, gathering real-time user feedback is becoming more “available.” All you have to do is listen to the people around you as [...]

A Pocket-sized Washing Machine: Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?

by Lindsey Jones
January 20, 2015

You know that feeling when you pull your favorite sweater out of the washing machine only to find it covered in white fuzz balls? Or three-fourths its original size? Or, my absolute favorite, more stained than when it went into the wash? I’m not entirely sure what goes on during that 35-minute permanent press cycle, but it ain’t good. Now [...]

Choosing the Right UX Prototype for the Task (Part 4)

by Tony Walt
January 9, 2015

In this post I’ll wrap up my discussion about how to choose the right UX prototype for the task. We’ve already covered seven UX prototype methods, and prototype questions related to business and development. Read on for more questions related to prototype options and final thoughts on how to choose your prototype wisely. Prototype Questions Related to User Testing If [...]

Choosing the Right UX Prototype for the Task (Part 3)

by Tony Walt
January 2, 2015

In part 2 of this series, I discussed how prototypes provide a guide for what you need to know about the UX project at hand by helping you identify which questions to ask. There’s a long list of business-related questions that prototypes address (see part 2). In this post I’ll go through a few development-focused questions. Prototype Questions Related to [...]