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What Adobe’s New Roadmap Means for Flash Development

by Greg Owen
March 2, 2012

Adobe’s recently released Flash roadmap formalizes the changes the company has been hinting were coming. The biggest takeaway is that Adobe is focusing on Web gaming and premium video for the Flash player going forward. It is also going to continue to develop AIR as a solution for deploying Flash-based applications as mobile apps, but development of that codebase is [...]

Native Mobile App? Mobile Web App? Both!

by Shane Church
March 1, 2012

Mobile applications are all the rage these days. There are currently three major mobile platforms: Apple’s iOS  (iPhone and iPad), Google’s Android , and Microsoft’s Windows Phone , and countless variations within these platforms for the developer to consider. Focusing on any one of these platforms leaves 50% or more of the market unable to use your application, but the [...]

Why Organizations Need the Open Web

by Rebecca Flavin
February 21, 2012

Depending on who you ask, the term “Open Web” might bring to mind a philosophy of openness and collaboration on the Internet, a collection of web technologies, or the idea of widely supported and accessible applications and websites that aim to be the antithesis of closed or “walled off” systems such as Google Chrome and Facebook. Regardless of which definition [...]

Things to Do in Denver When You’re a Dev (or a Designer)

by Jill Petersen
February 15, 2012

Whether you’re a designer, a developer or even an application enthusiast, Denver is the place to be. Ok, so maybe Denver isn’t San Francisco or Austin, but it is the HQ for EffectiveUI and there’s a ton of activities to entertain UX pros on their off hours. Take a typical Monday night in February, for example, where anyplace else you [...]

Building Bridges with Project Stakeholders

by John McRee
January 20, 2012

Most people would agree that building a software app is a much different undertaking than, say, building a bridge. Yet, there is one thing you can count on in both cases: change. Change can come from within the project as opportunities, risks and issues are encountered. It can also come from outside the project as the priorities of stakeholders shift. [...]

Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2012

by Rebecca Flavin
December 21, 2011

Forrester recently posted a question to its Customer Experience Community members on what their major predictions were around the customer experience in 2012. There was a lot of discussion around organizational maturity (e.g., is the organization in a place where it can take on a true customer focus?), as well as the personalization of experiences across channels. I chimed in [...]

Tools for User Research and Client Persuasion

by Leonard Souza
December 12, 2011

I’ve been a fan of Smashing Magazine for some time, so when I was asked to write an article for them you can imagine my excitement. We decided the piece should focus on some of our user research methodologies, especially those explored in EffectiveUI’s project with Boeing. There were several key deliverables provided to Boeing that helped overcome some of [...]

How to build a Simple Painting App for iOS

by Sean Christmann
December 2, 2011

This article explains how to build a simple painting app for iOS. The aim is to demonstrate how a simple programming concept has to evolve to create a good user experience with high performance. The Naive Approach to Painting in iOS The starting approach to painting on iOS is to simply capture touch events and draw a line between the [...]

Then I Saw This Map, Now I’m a Believer

by Joel Flom
November 18, 2011

Customer journey maps help UX professionals and the clients they serve better understand a particular customer’s needs throughout a series of interactions. Like personas and scenarios, customer journey maps contribute to better user experiences by putting the client in the shoes of the users. You would think that as a Lead Experience Architect, I’d champion these tools, and I do [...]

Flash Forward?

by Ryan Bell
November 15, 2011

Following Adobe’s announcement that they are ending development of the Flash Player plugin for mobile browsers and shifting their focus, the natural question for developers and businesses with investments in Flash technology is, “What does this mean for us?” I’m not a business analyst, but here are some of my thoughts as a developer. Adobe’s new strategy, as laid out [...]