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Android Open 2011 Event Wrapup

by Juan Sanchez
October 18, 2011

The first Android Open conference took place October 9-11 in San Francisco. Before arriving, I looked over the list of sessions and was pleasantly surprised to see such a wide array of topics. After my co-worker Tony Hillerson and I presented our workshop on Sunday (“Designing an App from Idea to Market“), we were free to dive into a variety [...]

Android: More Than a Consumer Device

by Tony Hillerson
October 14, 2011

This week my co-worker Juan Sanchez and I were privileged to give a workshop at the first O’Reilly Android conference: Android Open. I like any O’Reilly conference, and especially any O’Reilly conference where I get to hear Tim O’Reilly speak. He does a great job of pulling the discussion up to a higher level. Tim’s keynote covered his thoughts on [...]

Windows 8 and the Metro UI – Microsoft’s Great Experiment

by Chad Bakeman
October 10, 2011

Last month at the BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, Microsoft announced the most radical change to how users will interact with their PCs since the introduction of the Windows graphical user interface. I admire Microsoft for its gutsy (albeit belated) re-imagining of the Windows interface, particularly when it comes to tablets. (It’s not like the company has much of a [...]

MAX 2011: Figuring Out Where Flash Fits

by RJ Owen
October 7, 2011

Adobe MAX 2011 is over. Looking back at Adobe’s announcements regarding HTML5 and the dearth of new tools being developed, one question is consistently being raised: where does Flash fit in all of this? As my colleague Ryan noted earlier this week, the Flash community in general feels a little burned and confused by MAX. The message was that once [...]

Good Things at Adobe MAX: Community, Contribution and Content

by Ryan Bell
October 4, 2011

I’ve been hearing my share of cynicism from random conference attendees here at Adobe MAX — you know, stuff like “Flash is dying” or “A couple new tablet apps… big deal.” I know that we as developers can certainly be a jaded and opinionated bunch at times. So, realizing that there will probably be more than enough critical words coming [...]

Was Steve Jobs Right About Flash?

by Ryan Bell
October 4, 2011

That was the question at Adobe MAX yesterday, at an unofficial lunch discussion on “The Future of Flash” hosted by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA). Why has Flash struggled to find a place in the smartphone and tablet world? Some agency reps at the session thought it was a simple lack of communication about the future of Flash. Others [...]

The Kindle Fire: Tablet Market Friend or Android Market Foe?

by Tony Hillerson
October 3, 2011

By now you will have heard about the new Kindles from Amazon, including the very slick Kindle Fire tablet. From a general consumer point of view, it’s a very compelling device, especially given the price ($300 less than the iPad). However, as others have pointed out (see Daring Fireball and Mobile Opportunity), the Kindle Fire is a different-in-kind device, not [...]

Gearing Up for Fall Events

by Jill Petersen
September 28, 2011

It’s sad to think that summer is over. Around the office we’re hanging on to the last vestiges of warm weather with “Shorts Friday” and shared memories of our summer vacations. Still, autumn can be a fun time of year (you should see this crew on Halloween). Fall also means it’s time for some great events like Adobe MAX, Web [...]

Where are All the Good Mobile Web Experiences?

by SuAnne Hall
September 21, 2011

In 2009, half a billion people accessed information via the mobile web. In 2010, the numbers almost tripled. It’s expected that in less than five years, mobile web browsing will surpass the personal computer for the most popular way to browse the web. The dramatic increase in mobile internet usage isn’t terribly surprising, but what is surprising is that there’s [...]

You’re No Steve Jobs

by Anthony Franco
September 16, 2011

Most of us can’t compare to Steve Jobs. Or even Mark Zuckerberg. These guys—when it comes to envisioning products that break new ground and yet have enormous appeal to millions of people—are tapped into the human subconscious, able to extract and meet unspoken needs most of us didn’t even know we had.  Or so it seems…. But what if the [...]