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Creative Holiday Ideas: Why Didn’t I Think of Making That?!?

by Lindsey Jones
December 16, 2014

Wasn’t it just August?! I blinked and now it’s almost Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re officially behind the holiday eight ball and the pressure is ON! You’re just going to have to do what you do every single year — buck up and get into the friggin’ spirit. Buy those in-laws a gift. Listen to “Silent Night” on repeat. [...]

Choosing the Right UX Prototype for the Task (Part 2)

by Tony Walt
December 12, 2014

In part 1 of this series, I provided an overview of seven UX prototype methods. In this post I’ll talk about how one of the most important purposes of prototypes is that they help you identify which questions to ask. Questions are not an indicator of what you don’t know. They are a guide for what you want to know. [...]

Ladies of EffectiveUI on SheSays Denver Launch Party

by Ladies of EffectiveUI
December 11, 2014

An international organization with a mission of advancing women in digital just launched its Denver chapter, so naturally, we had to represent! A group of us EffectiveUI gals joined an impressive turnout of about 60 other local women at Modworks Coworking Space downtown for the official SheSays Denver Chapter Launch Party last Thursday. In addition to the awesome networking opportunities [...]

UX Prototyping: Choosing the Right Tool for the Task (Part 1)

by Tony Walt
December 3, 2014

Prototype has become a hot word in recent years, and it has collected a range of connotative meanings. Its primary use comes from the manufacturing world, and it means to make a model of something, to test it out before committing to full-scale production. Its origins extend back to early Greek civilization: protos = first + typos = impression. Holding [...]

Uberdesign: Lessons in Experience Design from an Uber Driver

by Jeremy Wilt
December 1, 2014

I’m a lead experience architect at EffectiveUI, but my side gig is driving for Uber. I drive the late night shift for five or six hours on weekends and I love exploring the city, finding new places, and meeting interesting people. It’s pretty incredible what you learn by spending enough time in a car with so many people.  Since I’ve [...]

Angular 2.0: A Reaction to the Reaction

by Josh Kramer
November 20, 2014

During ngeurope in late October, the AngularJS team presented the current state of Angular 2.0, the “Next Big Thing™” in the AngularJS world. Following this presentation was a deluge of outrage. Angular 2.0 is not going to simply consist of bugfixes and a few breaking changes – the entire framework is being rewritten from scratch to take advantage of new [...]

Touchable Memories via 3D Printing: Why Didn’t I Think of That?!?

by Lindsey Jones
November 19, 2014

“Technology is a just a tool. People give it a purpose,” says Singapore-based 3D printing company Pirate3D, the masterminds behind the Buccaneer — a low-cost, for-the-home 3D printer that had a wildly successful run on Kickstarter, raising nearly $1.5 million. They avowed, “We want this technology to be freely available to everyone (at great and affordable prices!) and also easy [...]

Defining the MVP: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
November 17, 2014

Let’s talk about MVPs. No, we’re not talking about the most valuable player. In design, when we talk about the MVP we mean the “Minimum Viable Product.” The MVP is the smallest, fastest, easiest way to create your desired product in order to create a proof of concept and get something up and out into the wild. Why Do I [...]

Why I Hated CSS Frameworks (and Why I Changed My Mind)

by Alexandra Atzl
November 14, 2014

As a user interface (UI) developer frequently tasked with bringing beautiful, custom designs to life with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, I eschewed CSS frameworks for the longest time. In particular, I held a grudge against Twitter Bootstrap. It was too heavy, too prescribed; it would produce a site that mimicked countless others, with all too similar styles for buttons, alerts, [...]

My Morning Dance: Starting the Day on the Right Foot

by Dan Saltzman
November 13, 2014

In my last post I talked a bit about a constant that exists in many of our lives – travel. I also shared my thoughts on the discovery that awaits us as we return home, our context slightly shifted. This week, picking up where I left off, the inevitable swing back to travel is on my mind. To maintain my [...]