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The Digital Product Hall of Mirrors

by Dan Saltzman
May 28, 2014

We have officially arrived at the Digital Product Hall of Mirrors. It all began quite simply years ago, when a few design-minded folks decided that it was worth focusing on how humans use digital products – and designing things that fit their human-ness. And for a long time, that’s been enough. Hey, EffectiveUI was built on this very bedrock, building [...]

Foundation Reading and References for HTML Developers

by Ryan Bell
May 27, 2014

If you already have a background as a software developer, and find yourself needing to become more proficient in HTML, JavaScript and CSS for the purpose of working on highly interactive Web applications, it can be challenging to find good educational resources. Often, it can feel like 9 out of 10 (if not more) of the books and articles that [...]

Beer-yond the Design Aesthetic

by Seth Gerard
May 22, 2014

World-renowned graphic designer Milton Glaser recently sat down (presumably with a pint in hand) and critiqued the aesthetic experience (i.e., from a visual brand perspective) of a handful of popular craft beer offerings. His critiques ranged from mild fascination with some — saying of Nitro Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewing, “This is adventurous because it’s so unlike most existing [...]

Optimizing Your Digital Assets

by Tony Walt
May 21, 2014

In my last post, I talked about how content is one of the elements that must be considered when planning a responsive, adaptive or mobile-first website. Another element that affects overall quality and effectiveness is digital asset management. Mobile browser use is growing quickly – nearly 80% of mobile owners  use their smartphones to shop. Given the current bandwidth limitations [...]

From Weakness to Strength: Changing Focus

by Dan Saltzman
May 19, 2014

As I was sitting in one of our “Account Lounges” recently, a healthy tome caught my eye as I scanned the bookshelf while I was listening to a colleague describe a design problem that we were trying to noodle on. Don’t worry, we came up with several approaches to the challenge, but that book – I couldn’t wait to crack [...]

Website Content for Any Context

by Tony Walt
May 14, 2014

The web is littered with articles attempting to define responsive web design (RWD), adaptive web design (AWD) and mobile-first design (MFD). Many of them are solely focused on how a visual design reflows with display size. Yet, when it comes to creating good sites that deliver a quality and consistent brand experience across a broad spectrum of platforms, there is [...]

Solid Design Doesn’t Happen in Chunks

by Dan Saltzman
May 12, 2014

Hey Designers! Are you feeling powerless, stuck, and without the time to actually design? Yeah, us too. Every so often we find the need here to do a little reset; to look at our meeting time to design time ratio and readjust the balance. At our most recent rebalance, one of our teammates stated it pretty succinctly, “Solid design doesn’t [...]

Narrowing the Gap between Intended and Realized UX Strategy

by Ken Ligrani
March 26, 2014

When HealthCare.gov, the federal health care exchange website, was released last October, the website incurred a variety of technical challenges, dubbing it a failure in the view of many both in and outside of the user experience industry. Since then, the site has undergone a number of updates designed to fix not only technical glitches, but also improve the user [...]

Interaction14: UX Awesomeness through the Introvert/Extrovert Spectrum

by Angela Craven
March 10, 2014

On February 6, I spoke at IxDA’s Interaction14, a conference dedicated to user experience and interaction design. The conference took place in Amsterdam and focused on the theme “Languages of Interaction Design.” Speakers were from all over and some came from fields outside of interaction design. The conference was fantastic and the environment inspiring! The sessions covered topics ranging from [...]

Learning, Sharing and Collaboration Afoot at EffectiveUI

by Beth Koloski
February 24, 2014

Recently at EffectiveUI, it feels like we’ve been emerging from a rather heads-down cycle into a more exploratory phase, with a renewed hunger for sharing, collaboration and learning new things. No big top-down mandate, or mandate at all. These have emerged from interested team members and practitioners with a desire to learn, share, collaborate and support each other in those [...]