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Liferay and Spring MVC

by Steve Clement
September 17, 2013

Confession: I am a Spring guy. I love all the functionality Spring brings to the application development game. When presented with a new problem, I look first to Spring to see if they have already solved it or if they provide a way to hook into some Spring module so I can solve it myself in fewer steps. And if [...]

A Brief Introduction to the UX Process

by Ana Sofia Gonzalez
September 17, 2013

Editor’s Note: UX is fairly new in some parts of the world including many Latin American countries. The following blog was written to introduce the concept to people in those regions. The original Spanish version of the blog can be found here. Technology and customer service is every day becoming more essential for businesses. A customer will tend to choose [...]

Getting More Out of Your UX Team

by RJ Owen
August 28, 2013

Over the past few years, as user experience or customer experience have become commonly understood terms with agreed upon importance, we’ve noticed that many organizations have begun bringing UX practitioners in-house and building out fully fledged UX teams. The new team is hired, dropped in place, and set out with a mandate to improve the experience of the organization’s customers. [...]

Flat UI Design, the Michelangelo Way

by Noah Dempewolf
August 8, 2013

In my previous post, I examined the relationship between flat and rich user interface design using an historical lens. In this post, I’ll look at how centuries-old art techniques have influenced best practices in modern design trends. In particular, I’ll focus on how the subtractive method can help define best practices for implementing flat design in user interfaces. Finding its [...]

Inspiration for Building the Human Experience

by Keren Nimmo
July 2, 2013

How does one define the human experience? I started pondering this point as I was driving to the airport at five in the morning, down the long and lonely stretch of E470 in Colorado. The sun was about to crack over the horizon and the highway was lined with houses that looked like they were born to the same mother. [...]

3 Ways to Engage Clients in UX Research

by RJ Owen
June 26, 2013

Traditionally, digital agencies have been brought in by clients to do something that they either can’t do themselves or don’t have the capacity for, such as designing wireframes or comping screens. The model for this kind of work has been to meet with the client to gain an understanding about their business problem, and then “go dark” while they analyze [...]

Forrester Forum For Customer Experience June 2013

by EffectiveUI Team
June 21, 2013

Join EffectiveUI at the upcoming Forrester Customer Experience Forum to explore how user-centered design and innovative technology strategies can revolutionize the way you interact with your customers online. Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum East, June 24-26 in New York, will provide insights into how to boost your customer experience to the next level through initiatives that deliver measureable ROI. “Best of [...]

Content Considerations for Mobile User Experiences

by SuAnne Hall
June 3, 2013

Whether it’s responsive design or stand-alone mobile web, companies are finally taking experiences on smaller screens seriously. By this point, we all know why it’s important to have mobile-friendly sites. Thanks to the incredible mobile Web and responsive design communities that have sprouted up in the past few years, we also know how to ensure the best implementation for any [...]

June Events for Customer Experience Advocates and Technologists

by EffectiveUI Team
May 30, 2013

Join EffectiveUI at two upcoming events to explore how user-centered design and innovative technology strategies can revolutionize the way you interact with your customers online. The CITE (Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise) Conference & Expo is June 2-4 in San Francisco. This event is focused on the emerging issues, demands and opportunities surrounding the infusion of consumer technologies into [...]

Does Agile Development Benefit End Users?

by Cynthia Delaria
May 21, 2013

For many years now, developers and software companies have pushed for the Agile mindset and methodology to build and deploy software. One of the shifts in thinking required by Agile is the concept of short bursts of feature development that lead to potentially shippable software. In most organizations I’ve worked with, this requirement has been interpreted as: “We should be [...]