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Observing User Testing: What Clients Need to Know

by Ari Weissman
July 16, 2014

As a client working with a UX agency, you may have the opportunity to observe a user testing session. Take it! It is an amazing window into how your customers think and behave. For your first time as an observer, these are a few key things you should keep in mind. Most of the hard work has already happened Like [...]

Build vs. Buy: Great for CMS Decisions, Not for Developing Company Culture

by Dan Saltzman
July 15, 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here in LoDo. Unlike some digital agencies whose work ebbs as the weather gets hot, we always seem to be cooking at full flame in July. But that’s not all that we’ve been busy with. The past two weeks have seen numerous opportunities for our design team to reflect on what we [...]

Journey Maps and Personas as Interfaces

by Julia Barrett
July 14, 2014

Personas and journey maps can be impactful tools to your UX design and development process. However, as UX professionals, we have to remember that a persona or journey map is an interface. As with any interface, we have to know the context of use and the user base in order to determine if a journey map and/or persona is the [...]

The Value of Iterative User Research and Rapid Prototyping

by Tara Litchfield
July 9, 2014

Many businesses make the mistake of assuming they understand their target user segments, when this is frequently not the case. All too often, only business stakeholder interviews are performed and existing market research or website analytics are referenced as foundational project research. Market research and analytics give us information about past behaviors, but they don’t explain the why of user [...]

Life and Work – in Balance

by Dan Saltzman
July 9, 2014

“How was your vacation?” “Are you swamped?” “I bet you came back to a million emails.…” I’ve responded to each of these about 50 times in the 36 hours that I’ve been back in the office after a great, full week of time off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my team and am happy to share stories from a [...]

Apple’s Integrated Thinking

by EffectiveUI Team
June 30, 2014

During the WWDC keynote last month, Apple surprised nearly everyone by the conspicuous absence of hardware announcements. For a company that revolutionized personal computing, and brought us such innovations as the iPod, iPad and iPhone, it was somewhat disappointing — especially when many people hoped for an update on Apple TV or even the rumored iWatch. Yet, the announcements they [...]

The Bigger the Design Challenge, the Better

by Dan Saltzman
June 25, 2014

Last week, Jeremy, a rockstar senior user experience designer, sent me a link to a Medium article that I had to read based on title alone. It’s called “I Only Work on Shiny Products.” As I processed Jeff Domke’s half biography, half soapbox rant on what inspires him, I couldn’t help feeling a kinship. And I also couldn’t stop thinking [...]

Responsive Site? Don’t Forget These Alternative Formats

by Tony Walt
June 23, 2014

Many of the recent articles on responsive Web design focus solely on screen-based technologies. However, for a responsive site to meet the needs of the broadest user base, designers must consider the use of alternative formats, including assistive technologies and yes, even printing. Assistive Technologies As sites and Web applications become more dynamic, they often do so at the expense [...]

Lessons from Richard Saul Wurman On Being Dumb and Fearless

by Dan Saltzman
June 17, 2014

Last week, a few of us stuffed our suitcases full of shorts and sunscreen and headed off to muggy, biscuit-loving Charleston for the inaugural GIANT UX Conference. The conference, initiated on the platform of building community through social events as well as a GIANT variety of content, certainly had its up and downs (as any conference does, especially in its [...]

Tips for Responsive Website Development

by Tony Walt
June 16, 2014

When developing a site that will display on numerous devices, it is imperative to know what features will work on each of the browsers. CanIUse.com is an excellent resource for determining if a feature has enough browser support to be included. It’s generally not a good idea to try to support all browsers, so draw the line at a logical [...]