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Responsive Site? Don’t Forget These Alternative Formats

by Tony Walt
June 23, 2014

Many of the recent articles on responsive Web design focus solely on screen-based technologies. However, for a responsive site to meet the needs of the broadest user base, designers must consider the use of alternative formats, including assistive technologies and yes, even printing. Assistive Technologies As sites and Web applications become more dynamic, they often do so at the expense [...]

Lessons from Richard Saul Wurman On Being Dumb and Fearless

by Dan Saltzman
June 17, 2014

Last week, a few of us stuffed our suitcases full of shorts and sunscreen and headed off to muggy, biscuit-loving Charleston for the inaugural GIANT UX Conference. The conference, initiated on the platform of building community through social events as well as a GIANT variety of content, certainly had its up and downs (as any conference does, especially in its [...]

Tips for Responsive Website Development

by Tony Walt
June 16, 2014

When developing a site that will display on numerous devices, it is imperative to know what features will work on each of the browsers. CanIUse.com is an excellent resource for determining if a feature has enough browser support to be included. It’s generally not a good idea to try to support all browsers, so draw the line at a logical [...]

Are You Hiding Behind the Capital ‘A’?

by Dan Saltzman
June 10, 2014

OK, hopefully it was the title of this post that got you to click through today. Let’s be honest, if you knew this was going to be another post about integrating design into Agile practices, you’d probably have moved on. So now that you’re here, a question: is Agile development making you and your team (if you have one) more [...]

Creating a Fluid Design Framework for a Responsive Site

by Tony Walt
June 9, 2014

Editor’s Note: This is part 4 of Tony’s 6-part series on designing for today’s variable devices, based on the EffectiveUI white paper “Responsive Web Design: Much More Than Media Queries.” How a visual design reflows to fit on varying display sizes and aspect ratios is an important aspect of building a site that works well on all devices. Begin the [...]

Learning about Human Centered Design

by Beth Koloski
June 5, 2014

Last Saturday it was our great pleasure to spend the day with 20+ curious and engaged people who attended the Design Thinking Day workshop at EffectiveUI. It was our goal to share the process we use at EffectiveUI to create software that really works for people (human centered design, or Design Thinking). The day started out with a bike ride, [...]

Motivated and Talented People Wanted at EffectiveUI

by Grace Miller
June 5, 2014

I love my job as a talent associate at EffectiveUI because I get to speak with talented people every day and share how wonderful our company is. When I speak with job candidates, I often get the question “What kind of people do well at EffectiveUI?” I always tell them that the kind of people we look for are those [...]

6 Native Mobile Tricks for HTML Apps

by Ryan Bell
June 4, 2014

Once upon a time, needing to access device hardware in your mobile app meant you had to use native code. On the other hand, HTML has traditionally been the easiest way to make an app that works across multiple mobile platforms. Hybrid solutions like PhoneGap, where an app is part-native and part-HTML, have attempted to offer the best of both [...]

The Things That Make Us

by Dan Saltzman
June 3, 2014

What do a T. Rex doll, a caulking gun and a fish spatula all have in common? The EffectiveUI Design Team. Each one of these things represents one of us, as determined by us. Last year, when we rebooted some of our internal team programs, one of our newest teammates reminded us that we needed to know each other more [...]

5 Design Elements That Affect the Mobile User Experience

by Tony Walt
May 29, 2014

My recent blog posts cover how content and asset management affect the quality of modern digital design. In this post I’ll talk about one of the biggest challenges designers encounter when implementing a website or application that will be consumed on various device types in many different conditions: UX design. Today, UX designers concerned with the mobile user experience must [...]