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Is Android’s Open Platform a Bad Business Model?

by RJ Owen
October 1, 2012

In a recent post on his blog, veteran software developer Matt Gemmell takes a deep look into the differences between iOS and Android, and illustrates why the open nature of Android makes it ripe for piracy and bad for developers, businesses and consumers.

AnDevCon II Tops for Technical Content

by Tony Hillerson
November 10, 2011

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak about the benefits of Git for Android developers at AnDevCon II. My session went well, and hopefully some people have more of an understanding of Git and how it can help them as developers. Git For The Android Developer View more presentations from EffectiveUI As for the event itself, AnDevCon is [...]

Android: More Than a Consumer Device

by Tony Hillerson
October 14, 2011

This week my co-worker Juan Sanchez and I were privileged to give a workshop at the first O’Reilly Android conference: Android Open. I like any O’Reilly conference, and especially any O’Reilly conference where I get to hear Tim O’Reilly speak. He does a great job of pulling the discussion up to a higher level. Tim’s keynote covered his thoughts on [...]

The Kindle Fire: Tablet Market Friend or Android Market Foe?

by Tony Hillerson
October 3, 2011

By now you will have heard about the new Kindles from Amazon, including the very slick Kindle Fire tablet. From a general consumer point of view, it’s a very compelling device, especially given the price ($300 less than the iPad). However, as others have pointed out (see Daring Fireball and Mobile Opportunity), the Kindle Fire is a different-in-kind device, not [...]

Speaking This Week

by Jill Petersen
March 7, 2011

Members of the EffectiveUI team are speaking at many events this week: John McRee at SXSW, Tony Hillerson at AnDevCon, and Michael Salamon at Rocky Mountain Adobe Users Group.