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Help Us Build Amazing User Experiences

by Zach Hendershot
August 6, 2014

EffectiveUI is a different different breed of agency. We’re focused on the big picture strategy, and on what is going to help organizations solve real business problems through the lens of amazing user experiences. We’re not here to design and build products that don’t matter. We want to tackle the big, hairy, audacious problems affecting modern businesses. lf you want [...]

Are You Hiding Behind the Capital ‘A’?

by Dan Saltzman
June 10, 2014

OK, hopefully it was the title of this post that got you to click through today. Let’s be honest, if you knew this was going to be another post about integrating design into Agile practices, you’d probably have moved on. So now that you’re here, a question: is Agile development making you and your team (if you have one) more [...]

EffectiveUI and FedEx Present Guest Executive Forum at Forrester’s CX West

by Teresa Kloser
November 14, 2012

“Our app is done!” Famous last words and possibly a sign of a bad user experience. It’s natural to want to proclaim the end of a project, but the nature of application design — especially web app design — means that an app is never really done. Even the most robust and well-planned app should be evolved to meet the [...]

Building Bridges with Project Stakeholders

by John McRee
January 20, 2012

Most people would agree that building a software app is a much different undertaking than, say, building a bridge. Yet, there is one thing you can count on in both cases: change. Change can come from within the project as opportunities, risks and issues are encountered. It can also come from outside the project as the priorities of stakeholders shift. [...]

How to build a Simple Painting App for iOS

by Sean Christmann
December 2, 2011

This article explains how to build a simple painting app for iOS. The aim is to demonstrate how a simple programming concept has to evolve to create a good user experience with high performance. The Naive Approach to Painting in iOS The starting approach to painting on iOS is to simply capture touch events and draw a line between the [...]