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The Promise of the iPhone 6+

by Dan Saltzman
September 18, 2014

In response to my co-worker’s blog post last week, I have to say, “Seth, you’re a curmudgeon.” I had a completely different reaction to Apple’s announcement about the iPhone 6 and 6+. Well mostly different. I, too, am nonplussed by the iPhone 6. HOWEVER, I am REALLY SUPER EXCITED about the prospect of the iPhone 6+. So much so that [...]

Bigger Isn’t Better

by Seth Gerard
September 11, 2014

Call me a curmudgeon. It’s okay, I understand. As a designer I should naturally be geeking out over the latest and greatest iPhone tech from Apple. My mind should already buzzing with the possibilities of how I’ll take advantage of 72% more pixels, but I just can’t seem to get excited about the size of the iPhone 6 or, heaven [...]

Apple’s Integrated Thinking

by EffectiveUI Team
June 30, 2014

During the WWDC keynote last month, Apple surprised nearly everyone by the conspicuous absence of hardware announcements. For a company that revolutionized personal computing, and brought us such innovations as the iPod, iPad and iPhone, it was somewhat disappointing — especially when many people hoped for an update on Apple TV or even the rumored iWatch. Yet, the announcements they [...]

The Role of Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines When Building iPhone Apps

by Ryan Bell
April 23, 2013

If you have much exposure to the Apple ecosystem, you’ve probably heard of the HIG, or “Human Interface Guidelines.” This document outlines recommendations and standards for constructing apps that work according to “platform conventions” on either iOS or Mac OS X. As designers, developers, or business decision makers, it can sometimes be tempting to view the HIG as a set [...]

Is Android’s Open Platform a Bad Business Model?

by RJ Owen
October 1, 2012

In a recent post on his blog, veteran software developer Matt Gemmell takes a deep look into the differences between iOS and Android, and illustrates why the open nature of Android makes it ripe for piracy and bad for developers, businesses and consumers.

Are Mobile Devices the Future of “Serious” Games?

by RJ Owen
March 7, 2012

Recently a co-worker came to me expressing some dismay about the launch of an upcoming video game. It featured characters and a theme she was really excited about, but what made her worried was the platform: the game was coming out only on iOS. “BOO!” she said. “Serious games don’t live on mobile devices,” she implied. Is iOS a viable [...]

Their Battle is Not Your Battle

by Rebecca Flavin
June 9, 2010

While it’s easy to get caught up in the Apple-Adobe debate, it’s helpful to remember that their battle is not your battle. Your battle is to reach out to your customers wherever they may be.