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EffectiveUI Highlighted in Forrester’s “Assess The Effectiveness of Your Customer Journey Map”

by Joy Sykes
October 21, 2010

Recognized in this report for our ability to describe various levels of the customer journey, EffectiveUI were also consulted for Forrester’s new methodology and recommendations overall. We have been continually crafting and fine-tuning our customer journey maps – a journey that is never fully complete, but always in a state of discovery and improvement.

Herff Jones and EffectiveUI Featured in Forrester’s “Rich Internet Applications Will Power Online Experiences Of The Future”

by Rebecca Flavin
October 20, 2010

EffectiveUI helped Herff Jones take the complexity out of creating a professionally published yearbook for students with an approachable, friendly design and infrastructure. By putting user experience first, Herff Jones was able to create an application that essentially shields users from the complex, powerful tools used to create yearbooks, instead presenting them with instructional content and controls that are easy to understand, and design elements aimed at the student.

Lack of Privacy on the Internet, Facebook is Not to Blame

by Anthony Franco
October 19, 2010

Unfortunately, many legitimate news organizations including The Washington Post, The LA Times, Bloomberg News, and Forbes have propagated the fear that your information is not yours, and that Facebook is to blame. These news organizations are either attempting to drive traffic through fear mongering – or worse – they have no idea how the internet really works and are just simply trusting a “credible” source like the Wall Street Journal because they are uninformed and lazy.

Regardless of Facebook, if you operate on the web believing that you can do it privately, you are a fool. My educated guess is that less than 5% of people that use the web today have the technical skills needed to truly surf the web totally anonymously. And of those 5% that know how, most of us don’t care.

Design For Mobile Conference, Day 1: Workshop, Meetup Offer Insights

by Juan Sanchez
September 21, 2010

Yesterday was the first day of the five-day Design For Mobile conference, and what a great first day it was. While the majority of the speakers will be presenting today and tomorrow, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop by Suzanne Ginsberg called “Designing Smartphone Apps,” followed by a Mobile Monday meetup with a presentation by Pek Pongpaet on “Designing for the iPad.” Both presentations were great openers to the conference, along with workshops I didn’t get to attend by Luke Wroblewski and Nader Nejat.