Effective Thinking

  • Tools for User Research and Client Persuasion

    I’ve been a fan of Smashing Magazine for some time, so when I was asked to write an article for them you can imagine my excitement. We decided the piece should focus on some of our user research methodologies, especially those explored in EffectiveUI’s project with Boeing. There were several key deliverables provided to Boeing […]

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  • Then I Saw This Map, Now I’m a Believer

    Customer journey maps help UX professionals and the clients they serve better understand a particular customer’s needs throughout a series of interactions. Like personas and scenarios, customer journey maps contribute to better user experiences by putting the client in the shoes of the users. You would think that as a Lead Experience Architect, I’d champion […]

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  • Boeing Partnership Takes UX Research to the International Level

    Customer insight is the driving factor in EffectiveUI’s recent partnership with Boeing to redesign their MyBoeingFleet information portal. This initial phase of the project has seen team members on the ground in 10 cities across four continents, speaking with over 150 individuals that represent Boeing customers.

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