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Asking the Right Questions Can Improve the Customer Experience

by Jason Grant
February 24, 2015

User experience design is often viewed by organizations as a way to polish their existing experience to improve customer satisfaction. While a noble goal, it doesn’t take into account that sometimes the existing experience fails to meet an underlying customer need. But how can that need be determined? During a recent round of ongoing education I decided to improve my [...]

Ladies of EffectiveUI on SheSays Denver Launch Party

by Ladies of EffectiveUI
December 11, 2014

An international organization with a mission of advancing women in digital just launched its Denver chapter, so naturally, we had to represent! A group of us EffectiveUI gals joined an impressive turnout of about 60 other local women at Modworks Coworking Space downtown for the official SheSays Denver Chapter Launch Party last Thursday. In addition to the awesome networking opportunities [...]

Inspiration for Building the Human Experience

by Keren Nimmo
July 2, 2013

How does one define the human experience? I started pondering this point as I was driving to the airport at five in the morning, down the long and lonely stretch of E470 in Colorado. The sun was about to crack over the horizon and the highway was lined with houses that looked like they were born to the same mother. [...]

EffectiveUI and FedEx Present Guest Executive Forum at Forrester’s CX West

by Teresa Kloser
November 14, 2012

“Our app is done!” Famous last words and possibly a sign of a bad user experience. It’s natural to want to proclaim the end of a project, but the nature of application design — especially web app design — means that an app is never really done. Even the most robust and well-planned app should be evolved to meet the [...]

No Experience Necessary

by Greg Casey
September 18, 2012

Here’s the scene. The client is leaning forward, tapping his index finger against his lips and squinting at wireframes displayed on the conference room’s LCD screens. “So I’m wondering, what kind of experience is the user going to have with this?” he asks. “As close to a non-experience as we can get,” is the answer.

Exploring Service Design with the American Cancer Society

by Kelly Downing
July 17, 2012

As researchers and designers, it is our responsibility to always understand the bigger picture; to have a holistic view of a customer’s experience throughout their entire experience with a product or brand. Recently we leveraged the tools and methods we traditionally use to help us design online experiences in the offline space, when we were given the opportunity to work [...]

Four Principles of Good Customer Experience

by Lindsay Moore
April 24, 2012

When was the last time you had an interaction with a company that truly made your day — the kind of experience where you felt like you wanted to shout from the rooftops about how good it was? For me that experience happens every time I visit my pharmacy. Beattie’s Health Mart is a locally-owned compounding pharmacy in Erie, CO. [...]

Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2012

by Rebecca Flavin
December 21, 2011

Forrester recently posted a question to its Customer Experience Community members on what their major predictions were around the customer experience in 2012. There was a lot of discussion around organizational maturity (e.g., is the organization in a place where it can take on a true customer focus?), as well as the personalization of experiences across channels. I chimed in [...]

Then I Saw This Map, Now I’m a Believer

by Joel Flom
November 18, 2011

Customer journey maps help UX professionals and the clients they serve better understand a particular customer’s needs throughout a series of interactions. Like personas and scenarios, customer journey maps contribute to better user experiences by putting the client in the shoes of the users. You would think that as a Lead Experience Architect, I’d champion these tools, and I do [...]

Know Your Customers – Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum 2011

by Jill Petersen
June 29, 2011

Last week, an army of people from EffectiveUI were in New York for the 2011 Forrester Customer Experience Forum (#cxp11). This is a great conference for us – we have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people from some of today’s largest brands about why a focus on the customer is one of the most critical strategies a company [...]