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Upping the Ante in Technology Services as a Critical Part of UX

by Adam Thompson
July 24, 2014

Over the past several months, EffectiveUI has been focusing on expanding and strengthening our technology services offering with the addition of new leadership, team members and capabilities. In essence, we are doubling down on the belief that delivering effective product and project ROI requires the trifecta of strong technology leadership, UX/design leadership, and project/account leadership. In many organizations, disparate systems [...]

Build vs. Buy: Great for CMS Decisions, Not for Developing Company Culture

by Dan Saltzman
July 15, 2014

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here in LoDo. Unlike some digital agencies whose work ebbs as the weather gets hot, we always seem to be cooking at full flame in July. But that’s not all that we’ve been busy with. The past two weeks have seen numerous opportunities for our design team to reflect on what we [...]

Life and Work – in Balance

by Dan Saltzman
July 9, 2014

“How was your vacation?” “Are you swamped?” “I bet you came back to a million emails.…” I’ve responded to each of these about 50 times in the 36 hours that I’ve been back in the office after a great, full week of time off. Don’t get me wrong, I love my team and am happy to share stories from a [...]

Motivated and Talented People Wanted at EffectiveUI

by Grace Miller
June 5, 2014

I love my job as a talent associate at EffectiveUI because I get to speak with talented people every day and share how wonderful our company is. When I speak with job candidates, I often get the question “What kind of people do well at EffectiveUI?” I always tell them that the kind of people we look for are those [...]

EffectiveUI and FedEx Present Guest Executive Forum at Forrester’s CX West

by Teresa Kloser
November 14, 2012

“Our app is done!” Famous last words and possibly a sign of a bad user experience. It’s natural to want to proclaim the end of a project, but the nature of application design — especially web app design — means that an app is never really done. Even the most robust and well-planned app should be evolved to meet the [...]

2012 Events: Rounding Out the Year

by Teresa Kloser
October 12, 2012

2012 has been a great year for industry events, from past favorites like SXSW to new happenings such as the Cloud Computing Expo and our own “Getting Unstuck” innovation in the enterprise event. Rounding out the year, we are looking forward to several upcoming events including Forrester’s Developing Digital Disruption and Customer Experience Forum West, as well as the Future [...]

Helping Companies Improve Digital Experiences

by Teresa Kloser
September 26, 2012

Most organizations know that digital customer experience is a crucial factor to get right in today’s ever-connected world. Yet, many are still trying to understand the digital landscape and how customers can best be served using new tools and processes. If this sounds familiar, a recent report from Forrester Research analyst Kerry Bodine, Top 10 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences, [...]

Event Recap: Getting Unstuck — Innovating in an Enterprise Environment

by Dave Maren
September 20, 2012

Thanks to all who took part in last week’s Getting Unstuck event. It surpassed expectations and we were excited by the high level of engagement in the topic. The big problem with creating an event focused on innovation is the notion that the event itself should be innovative. But innovation isn’t just about original thinking. Every company is full of [...]

Getting Unstuck: Innovating in an Enterprise Environment

by Teresa Kloser
September 12, 2012

Innovation can be a challenge for any organization, but especially one where established product lines and cultural norms create an inertia that slows down change. In such an environment, there may be no shortage of innovative ideas. Yet, champions of these ideas are often forced to “duke it out” against supporters of the status quo and run a gantlet of [...]

Water for People Re-imagines Nonprofit Reporting

by Michael McFadden
August 27, 2012

Have you ever donated to a charitable cause and wondered where exactly did your money go? Was it put to use for people in need, or was it spent on organizational overhead? For most nonprofits, the level of transparency around funding amounts to some sort of “x out of every dollar goes to people in need” formula.