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Good Things at Adobe MAX: Community, Contribution and Content

by Ryan Bell
October 4, 2011

I’ve been hearing my share of cynicism from random conference attendees here at Adobe MAX — you know, stuff like “Flash is dying” or “A couple new tablet apps… big deal.” I know that we as developers can certainly be a jaded and opinionated bunch at times. So, realizing that there will probably be more than enough critical words coming [...]

FITC Hosts Imaginative and Immersive Interactive Installations

by RJ Owen
August 20, 2010

Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson were unique from the other FITC San Francisco participants in two ways. First, rather than traditional computer art or design, Emily and Theo specialize in what they call “Interactive Installations.” Second, unlike many of the other participants, Emily and Theo represent one of the best partnerships between a creative designer and developer that I’ve ever witnessed.

Their Battle is Not Your Battle

by Rebecca Flavin
June 9, 2010

While it’s easy to get caught up in the Apple-Adobe debate, it’s helpful to remember that their battle is not your battle. Your battle is to reach out to your customers wherever they may be.