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Inspiration for Building the Human Experience

by Keren Nimmo
July 2, 2013

How does one define the human experience? I started pondering this point as I was driving to the airport at five in the morning, down the long and lonely stretch of E470 in Colorado. The sun was about to crack over the horizon and the highway was lined with houses that looked like they were born to the same mother. [...]

2012 Events: Rounding Out the Year

by Teresa Kloser
October 12, 2012

2012 has been a great year for industry events, from past favorites like SXSW to new happenings such as the Cloud Computing Expo and our own “Getting Unstuck” innovation in the enterprise event. Rounding out the year, we are looking forward to several upcoming events including Forrester’s Developing Digital Disruption and Customer Experience Forum West, as well as the Future [...]

Helping Companies Improve Digital Experiences

by Teresa Kloser
September 26, 2012

Most organizations know that digital customer experience is a crucial factor to get right in today’s ever-connected world. Yet, many are still trying to understand the digital landscape and how customers can best be served using new tools and processes. If this sounds familiar, a recent report from Forrester Research analyst Kerry Bodine, Top 10 Ways to Improve Digital Experiences, [...]

The New Role of the Sales Person

by Matt Bidwell
April 16, 2012

The sales process has changed dramatically since I started out years ago selling commerce sites to consumer packaged goods and technology companies. Back then, the sales person was the face of the vendor organization, and 95 percent of the first sales call was to see if the buyer could trust the person sitting across from them – and by extension, [...]

Why Organizations Need the Open Web

by Rebecca Flavin
February 21, 2012

Depending on who you ask, the term “Open Web” might bring to mind a philosophy of openness and collaboration on the Internet, a collection of web technologies, or the idea of widely supported and accessible applications and websites that aim to be the antithesis of closed or “walled off” systems such as Google Chrome and Facebook. Regardless of which definition [...]

Digital Customer Experience Trends for 2012

by Rebecca Flavin
December 21, 2011

Forrester recently posted a question to its Customer Experience Community members on what their major predictions were around the customer experience in 2012. There was a lot of discussion around organizational maturity (e.g., is the organization in a place where it can take on a true customer focus?), as well as the personalization of experiences across channels. I chimed in [...]

Know Your Customers – Forrester’s Customer Experience Forum 2011

by Jill Petersen
June 29, 2011

Last week, an army of people from EffectiveUI were in New York for the 2011 Forrester Customer Experience Forum (#cxp11). This is a great conference for us – we have the opportunity to talk to hundreds of people from some of today’s largest brands about why a focus on the customer is one of the most critical strategies a company [...]

EffectiveUI Highlighted in Forrester’s “Assess The Effectiveness of Your Customer Journey Map”

by Joy Sykes
October 21, 2010

Recognized in this report for our ability to describe various levels of the customer journey, EffectiveUI were also consulted for Forrester’s new methodology and recommendations overall. We have been continually crafting and fine-tuning our customer journey maps – a journey that is never fully complete, but always in a state of discovery and improvement.

Herff Jones and EffectiveUI Featured in Forrester’s “Rich Internet Applications Will Power Online Experiences Of The Future”

by Rebecca Flavin
October 20, 2010

EffectiveUI helped Herff Jones take the complexity out of creating a professionally published yearbook for students with an approachable, friendly design and infrastructure. By putting user experience first, Herff Jones was able to create an application that essentially shields users from the complex, powerful tools used to create yearbooks, instead presenting them with instructional content and controls that are easy to understand, and design elements aimed at the student.