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The Decline of SEO and the Rise of Discovery

by Dustin Chambers
May 14, 2012

During a recent internal meeting at EffectiveUI, a colleague explained to the group how a client would not implement a certain feature (fairly integral to the overall user experience) because of SEO concerns. At the time, this led me to label the SEO industry as nothing more than snake oil salesmen. After that fairly knee jerk reaction, I would like [...]

Android: More Than a Consumer Device

by Tony Hillerson
October 14, 2011

This week my co-worker Juan Sanchez and I were privileged to give a workshop at the first O’Reilly Android conference: Android Open. I like any O’Reilly conference, and especially any O’Reilly conference where I get to hear Tim O’Reilly speak. He does a great job of pulling the discussion up to a higher level. Tim’s keynote covered his thoughts on [...]

http://www.austinbrownssfirst.euiblogentry (or Welcome to TLD Hell)

by Austin Brown
July 5, 2011

.com, .org, and .net. It used to be pretty simple for folks to find something online.  Each Top Level Domain (TLD) was reserved for different social sectors and had different rules governing its use. Recently we’ve added .ly, .cs, .tv, .fm … the list goes on, and now it will become infinitely longer with ICANN’s recent decision to allow TLDs [...]