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Evaluating Backbone Aura 0.8

by Shane Church
July 12, 2012

Over the past week or so, I have been evaluating the Backbone Aura framework on a request from an EffectiveUI client. Backbone Aura is a “decoupled, event-driven architecture on top of Backbone.js for developing widget-based applications,” according to the project site. Currently in developer preview at version 0.8, Backbone Aura’s goal is to give the developer control over the complete [...]

Flash and the City Day 2 Recap

by Leonard Souza
June 17, 2011

It was a great second day at Flash and the City with so many awesome sessions to chose from. First up was Michael Labriola, who never disappoints, especially when he gets into the underpinnings of the Flash VM. His talk “Player Garbage Collection” was one not to be missed, since garbage collection in Flash is as tenacious as it is. [...]

Designing for TV: Jumbbbotron

by Juan Sanchez
January 4, 2011

Juan Sanchez describes the process of designing Jumbbbotron, a web app optimized for TV that brings Dribbble to the large screen.