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The Link between Technology and Cognitive Stress

by RJ Owen
April 9, 2012

Not long ago, Jonas Sodöerström caught my attention when he blogged about waitstaff using whiteboard markers to draw on their monitors since it was easier than interacting with the system using a mouse. His post was a great reminder of how much context plays into the way people use technology, and how no one is as focused on or limited [...]

On Designing for Emotion

by SuAnne Hall
March 22, 2012

Last week I read Designing for Emotion by Aaron Walter. For a “designer-y” textbook, it was truly a page-turner.  As the UX design lead for MailChimp, Walters offers some really interesting techniques for ensuring a memorable and truly delightful user experience. When most of us designers are focused on creating user personas for a site, Walters asks us to create [...]

Tools for User Research and Client Persuasion

by Leonard Souza
December 12, 2011

I’ve been a fan of Smashing Magazine for some time, so when I was asked to write an article for them you can imagine my excitement. We decided the piece should focus on some of our user research methodologies, especially those explored in EffectiveUI’s project with Boeing. There were several key deliverables provided to Boeing that helped overcome some of [...]