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Are Mobile Devices the Future of “Serious” Games?

by RJ Owen
March 7, 2012

Recently a co-worker came to me expressing some dismay about the launch of an upcoming video game. It featured characters and a theme she was really excited about, but what made her worried was the platform: the game was coming out only on iOS. “BOO!” she said. “Serious games don’t live on mobile devices,” she implied. Is iOS a viable [...]

Are You Designing the Next Power Glove?

by RJ Owen
June 10, 2011

“Throw away your joysticks, kids. Punching…has evolved from two-dimensional wrist-wringing to 3-D arm-swinging.” Thus began the 1989 article of “Design News” praising that year’s must-have Christmas accessory: the Power Glove. At that time it seemed as if the new age of direct manipulation was upon us, and that video game controllers would soon be an artifact of the past. The [...]