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Title: Client Solutions Architect
Department: Development
Location: Denver, CO

Why We Exist

We believe that technology only lives up to its promise when it is well designed.

What We Do

We create transformational digital products, experiences and insights for the Fortune 500 and ambitious innovators. We help companies reinvent significant aspects of their business – from the experience they provide to their customers, to the tools they use to streamline operations, to the products they bring to market, to the ways their workforce stays connected.

How We Do It

We are guided by our ethos to ensure that technology truly connects with people. To that end, we adapt systems and technology to human behavior (not the other way around).

Having completed more than 600 successful projects, we work collaboratively with our clients to solve complex business problems and drive transformation through four tightly integrated areas of expertise: insight, strategy, design and development. Within each of these areas, the interface between people and technology remains at the forefront of our work.

Our Culture

What is it like to work at EffectiveUI? If we were asked to pick a few words to describe our culture, then jocoseness, succor, perspicaciousness, amelioration and stick-to-itiveness might just be on our short-list. Why? Because these words, while fitting, are on no other company’s short-list … because if you ask the people who work here, we’d tell you that none of us have ever worked at a company quite like EffectiveUI.

Job Summary

Solution architecture is the practice of considering all sides of a digital product’s implementation, user or customer needs, technology implementation details, business value propositions, and business requirements, and ensuring that the solution built ultimately does the greatest good for the greatest number of constituents.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Help business development identify and sell opportunities where EffectiveUI plays a strategic role in product development and is in a position to influence or manage the client’s development team.
  • Work with EffectiveUI’s lead experience architects to help them understand where the solution architect can inform their design work, making it more impactful and influential in the client’s organization.
  • Work to make EffectiveUI sales pitches, research and design work more technology aware.
  • Generate UX industry thought-leadership around integrating enterprise IT with UX teams.

Essential Job Functions

Client product managers and other business stakeholders
Assist these individuals in making educated decisions when tradeoffs must be made between business, user experience and technology. Frame the opportunity and implementation in business terms.

Client technology leaders
Ensure that leaders understand the user needs and are able to make good technology decisions that support those user and business needs. Keep the architects focused on delivering business and user value.

Client and EffectiveUI implementation teams
Ensure the fidelity of the user experience as designed maintained through implementation. This team may be from the client, EffectiveUI or a third-party system integrator.

Experience architects and design team members
Explain technical constraints and opportunities inherent in the existing technical infrastructure. Understand user needs.

Role Requirements

  • Strong technical background in server-side and UI technology
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Understanding of enterprise software architecture concepts
  • Basic understanding of project management concepts
  • Basic understanding of the mechanics of business, finance and product development


  • Business opportunity assessment – find clients and helps grow accounts
  • Business structure/political architecture – analyze the structure of the client and how that influences our engagement
  • Abstract technical architecture for designers – explain existing systems to the design team
  • Experience-oriented architecture –influence client IT leaders to put the right systems in place
  • UX technology implementation guidelines and audit – manage audits of the implementation

Additional Requirements

The solution architect should plan for 25% travel to the client site for out-of-town clients.


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Note: The job title, description and role requirements for this position are subject to change without notice.

EffectiveUI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Currently, EffectiveUI does not offer employment-based visa sponsorship.