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American Express and Effective Partner to Create Responsive Plenti Website

American Express and Effective Partner to Create Responsive Plenti Website


The days of coupon cutting and rushing to redeem that “limited time offer” are over. People can now save money anywhere and at any time with the new rewards platform, Plenti. Abundant in savings potential, Plenti offers rewards through a multi-category platform that allows consumers to earn and use Plenti points on a wide-range of products. For instance, points earned on necessary items like groceries can be used toward purchasing something completely unrelated, like a new pair of shoes. Finally broccoli has a grander purpose.

To bring these savings to the U.S., American Express and Effective partnered in a multi-year engagement. Together, the companies created a fully responsive website that makes it easy to receive and use Plenti points while shopping the digital marketplace.

A user experience like no other, the Plenti program was the perfect project for Effective to display their UX/UI expertise. Tasked with creating a consistent and cohesive digital environment, Effective ensured that the Plenti user could effortlessly find what they needed on the site.


The Plenti project required a focus on brand consistency and cohesiveness across all digital channels. As the Effective team created the consistent design, they also had to combat constantly changing requirements, legal restrictions and development limitations. Effective was further tasked with clearly communicating Plenti's flexibility and benefits to the end user while driving enrollment and offer activation to the site.

To ensure a successful launch, Effective provided oversight and leadership across multiple workstreams including:

  • The Strategic Projects & Customer Experience teams who worked with American Express stakeholders and program sponsors to ideate on how to bring the Plenti experience to life on their digital platforms.
  • The Innovation and Research and Development teams who worked with American Express to create a digital product roadmap identifying features and functions that would be implemented in the next 6-18 months.
  • The Responsive Web team worked with an American Express acquired German Development team to bring to life the most interactive piece of the program—the site.


Effective delivered industry-leading user experience design for the website. Together with American Express' German development team, Effective validated and implemented design, user interaction, features and page content across all breakpoints. This allowed for a consistent and effortless user experience for the consumer.

Further deliverables and activities produced by the Effective team included: workshops, program summits, roadmaps, technical feasibility assessments, functional prototypes, wireframes, visual design and comps, style guides, usability tests and more.


After a successful launch in May 2015, savers came to Plenti by the millions. In the first few weeks alone, the program enrolled roughly 10 million users. In conjunction with Plenti program specific marketing and Effective's involvement in sponsor promotions from Macy's, AT&T, ExxonMobil, RiteAid, Nationwide, Enterprise, Hulu and Direct Energy digital experiences, the Plenti program has experienced significant brand awareness, enrollment and offer activation in a short period of time. Further, the fully responsive website allows customers to easily shop and save amongst several Plenti partners from the comfort of their home.

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View of the Plenti website on a tablet, a desktop and a mobile device.
View of the Plenti website on a tablet.
View of the Plenti website on a mobile device.