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Lessons Learned from our own EffectiveUI Website Redesign

Lessons Learned from Our Own EffectiveUI Website Redesign


Agencies that create websites for clients often don’t extend the same standards to their own site. Reasons for this include an understandable focus on billable work and the phenomenon of too many cooks in the ‘digital’ kitchen. When so many creative minds have a vested interest in a site, it can be difficult to agree on a direction and a style.

When we set out to redesign, we endeavored to make our website one that reflects our agency’s character. To do this, we had to get closer to our brand, and we needed to think strategically about our design effort.

Based on customer research, we knew that prospective clients wanted to learn about our agency’s capabilities in their specific industry or problem space, so we set out to fulfill a potential customer’s needs, while providing a visually stunning website that offered an exceptional user experience.


The foundation of our strategy centered on answering the potential customer’s question: “What’s EffectiveUI’s story in my space?” To do this, we segmented our portfolio by industry and types of problems we help solve.

Our UX designers then created the initial information architecture for the site and conducted a moodboarding process that worked through how we wanted to reflect our visual brand. Once we refined our aesthetic direction, we created visual comps.

After solidifying our visual design, we created the wireframes, shooting original photographs and crafting site layouts. Simultaneously, we started in-browser prototyping and development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SaaS, PHP, Apache, SQL, WordPress, Bower and jQuery.


This project continues to be an avenue for our design and development teams to grow and learn. At the onset of the project, we made it a priority to reimagine our online space and tell our story effectively. Now, we remain committed to improvement and continual education from the site. Given that many of the challenges we encountered and overcame are struggles our clients have also grappled with, we’ve captured some of our major takeaways:

  • A site is never done when it launches. It’s just getting started. We must continually improve designs, user experience and technology. It is impossible to wow every stakeholder at every point in the process. Focus on alignment around the business goals and customer needs to keep the project on track and ensure success.
  • This project was a showcase of Effective’s ability to work across teams in an Agile manner, bringing together designers and developers on an ongoing basis through the project to create a great product.
  • Effective staffs projects—even internal ones—by the standards we, as an agency, recommend to our clients.
  • The site continues to be a source of education, providing our team with an outlet for experimentation and growth with regard to technology, design, strategy and process.


Our fully responsive company website went live in March 2015. In the first few months following the launch, our web traffic tripled with almost 60% of that traffic being organic. The site continues to be a source of engagement with our prospective and existing clients. It earned accolades during award season. Honored as an American Business Award (Stevies) Gold Winner, the EffectiveUI site was hailed by judges as “fantastic,” and we were honored to receive feedback that “this website is truly innovative because…[it] is able to convey a sense of design.”

To learn more about the design process check out Noah Dempewolf's and Tim Wood's contributions to the Effective blog. For a full explanation of our process visit WPP's page detailing the efforts.

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