A person is holding an iPad that displays the Water For People data reporting tool and is clicking on the data for projects in India

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Water For People and Effective Transform Data Reporting Tool

Water For People and Effective Transform Data Reporting Tool


Effective and Water For People teamed up again for a dramatic new take on Water For People’s data reporting tool. Committed to providing sustainable water and sanitation access for Everyone Forever, Water For People’s mission is simple. The non-profit’s data tool, however, was not. With data from thirty regional districts across nine different countries, Water For People needed a reporting tool that demonstrates their vast efforts in an easy-to-understand and meaningful way, so the company enlisted Effective to help create the solution.


Effective rethought Water For People’s data visualization to better demonstrate the non-profit’s successful efforts. Now the tool relies on data-driven design concepts and progressive visualization to promote the non-profit’s worldwide humanitarian efforts.

The reporting tool was designed for Water For People donors, field staff and local partners. With critical information in one comprehensive platform, stakeholders can see the overall impact as well as focus in on specific regions, countries and districts.

Throughout the design process, the team focused on providing meaningful and precise data visualization and stunning visual design. They also centered their efforts on creating a cohesive information architecture and interaction model.

To achieve the design goals, Effective held workshops, co-creation sessions and stakeholder interviews to learn user needs. The team then sketched and prototyped the designs, developed the tool, conducted usability testing and led feedback focus groups. With the resulting feedback, Effective completed the redesign and developed the final product.


In the platform’s second version, Effective redesigned the information architecture and interaction model with the target audience in mind. The site flows from a district home page to district goals and then to district metrics. To make data understandable, the reporting tool includes a summary and detailed view of metrics. These two perspectives provide the user a guided experience, from a high-level overview to a comprehensive look at the data points.

Effective built the new tool using the same backend platform but reinvented the front-end experience to increase usability. Now, users can make sense of the complex metrics they are seeing and understand the context of those values in a guided story for every district. With the increased functionality and usability, the reporting tool facilitates conversation that evaluates success and learning.


After the complete transformation, Water For People’s reporting platform has become an easy tool for stakeholders to consume critical data at different levels. Key improvements include Water For People’s ability to ingest new data as it comes in, instead of waiting for a compilation of all the data in a period of time. Also, data can now be aggregated over time, allowing analysts to study trends across years.

Now, donors and potential contributors are more easily able to see the breadth of outcomes and impact. Water For People staff can analyze the latest organizational data to help drive progress toward sustainability within local communities, and local communities and government organizations can rely on new trend analysis capabilities to make informed decisions on ground operations.

A visually appealing and easily digestible platform, the Water For People data-reporting tool creates a quality experience for the non-profit to share its story and engage with others in its mission to ensure that everyone has access to safe water and sanitation for generations to come.

The EF Tracker has been honored with an American Business Award Stevie Silver for the Non-Profit Organizations Web Site Category. They were also a Shortlist finalist for the 2016 IxDA Interaction Awards in the Engaging Category.

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The welcome screen for the Water For People reporting platform that shows a map and arrows to certain countries: Latin America, Africa and Asia
A quote from Water For People CEO Eleanor Allen: “Effective helped us develop a tool that engages users through a beautiful interface, while providing timely data on our progress in ending water poverty in communities across the globe.”
A laptop computer is open on a table displaying a screen from Water For People's data visualization and reporting tool.
 A close up of Water For People's data reporting tool that show the financial investment breakdown of W4P, local private sector, local government and community for a certain project