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Press Releases

Denver – January 29, 2013

EffectiveUI Helps Kaspersky Lab Bring Security Products to Customers via Mobile Website

Created by user experience agency EffectiveUI, Kaspersky Lab’s U.S. mobile website gives customers the ability to both browse and purchase security products through smartphones

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of security and threat management solutions, has launched its U.S. mobile website, created by EffectiveUI, a leading user experience agency. Providing a consistent, streamlined way for customers to access product information and ratings, the site is the first in its industry to offer a fully functional mobile website and give customers the ability to not only browse, but also purchase security products – including mobile security offerings – directly from their smartphones.

According to a December 2011 comScore report, 38 percent of all smartphone users have used their phone to purchase a product. With this increase in commerce generating from smartphones, and because Kaspersky Lab had seen significant mobile traffic to its website, the company enlisted EffectiveUI to create a new mobile website that would provide a cohesive experience no matter the device, while also making the site more useful for customers looking to purchase its products.

Kaspersky Lab’s U.S. Mobile Website is designed to make the interactions operate the way people typically use a mobile device. With pulldown tabs, orientation change features and more, the mobile website emulates the interfaces found in native mobile apps.

“In addition to strategically improving our mobile product suite, we have been focused on increasing engagement with our mobile customers. A critical element of this effort has been to improve the mobile user experience on our websites,” said Tom Hubbard, Director, Digital Marketing, Kaspersky Lab. “The EffectiveUI team was able to create a mobile site in just 12 weeks that has delivered a significant return. Page views have increased by 64.7 percent per mobile site visit, and we’ve seen a 21.7 percent increase in revenue per mobile site visit as well.”

EffectiveUI designed the mobile website to be consistent with Kaspersky Lab’s brand vision and desktop website, focusing on ease of use and product detail. The design and development processes took place in tandem in order to ensure quick review cycles and increase time to market. The technology team employed open source libraries and carefully planned the HTML, CSS and JavaScript practices to provide a highly engaging experience on modern HTML5 browsers while also supporting a range of older browsers still frequenting Additionally, these practices ensured seamless integration with Kaspersky Lab’s third-party ecommerce and customer reviews services.

“Because Kaspersky Lab provides effective and innovative security solutions for both businesses and consumers, creating a uniform and compelling experience for all audiences no matter the device was extremely important,” said Rebecca Flavin, CEO, EffectiveUI. “Kaspersky Lab implemented a go-to-market mobile strategy that reinforced their commitment to meeting customer demand while setting the bar for their industry.”

About Effective

Effective is the go-to UX partner for high-technology companies, including industry leaders within aerospace and aviation, biotech and healthcare, consumer and industrial electronics, defense, energy, financial services, software and telecom. In making technology more usable, useful and desirable, we help our clients reinvent significant aspects of their business – from the experience provided to customers, to the tools used to streamline operations, to the products brought to market. We work collaboratively with clients to solve complex business problems and drive transformation through four tightly integrated areas of expertise: user research and insight, digital strategy, UX design, and UI development and integration.

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