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Press Releases

Denver – March 31, 2009

EffectiveUI Harnesses ‘the Power of Less’ with Innovative Application Showcases at Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco

EffectiveUI unveils its TLC user interface and showcases user experience-based applications that excite, engage and empower users and strengthen brand value across multiple channels and markets

EffectiveUI, an award-winning, user experience design and development agency, is showcasing its TLC’s Virtual Bridal Boutique application, in addition to other user experience-based applications, at this week’s Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco, March 31 – April 3.

Now more than ever, it’s important to provide value and exceed customer expectations through user-centered technologies. In conjunction with this year’s conference theme, EffectiveUI is proud to showcase user experience-based applications, like TLC’s Virtual Bridal Boutique, that harness ‘the power of less’ by helping today's most respected brands deepen customer engagement through more compelling and useful customer interactions that deliver competitive advantages, increase customer loyalty and produce measurable results.

EffectiveUI will debut its Virtual Bridal Boutique, a fully interactive application that allows brides-to-be to virtually preview a realistic version of themselves in one of several popular wedding dresses/styles. This application, created for The Learning Channel (TLC) as a Web site counterpart to their “Say Yes to the Dress” reality TV program, extends the brand's retail efforts across the Web and maximizes bridal appointment efficiency by narrowing down selections to identify customer preferences.

Additionally, EffectiveUI will demonstrate various other user-centered applications that have been instrumental in strengthening brand value and customer loyalty through more immersive engagements, including:

Discovery Channel / Discovery Earth Live: a three-dimensional, immersive Web experience that enables people to engage with environmental data in real-time. This award-winning, visually compelling application provides unique insights into the state of the planet by allowing users to visualize the impact scientific data has on environmental phenomenon including global climate change, deforestation and polar melting.

InVisM / RealityV: a virtual reality training solution used by the U.S. military to safely prepare service members for deployment to the Middle East. Wearing a head-mounted display, this breakthrough video technology allows soldiers to experience real-time, live-action, cultural and combative situations in a 360-degree, audio/visual training environment. This application, created for InVisM, formerly known as Intelligence Gaming, brings new meaning to the concept of total immersion.

Herff Jones / eDesign: a breakthrough multi-user Web-to-print system for collaboratively publishing school yearbooks. eDesign allows students to work on their yearbook pages outside the confines of the classroom in real-time, is easy and fun to use, and requires no software purchase. eDesign is helping Herff Jones grow its market share in a highly competitive marketplace by providing customers with the best yearbook experience possible.

Visit EffectiveUI at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo, booth #715. To learn more about the 2009 Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, or register, visit:

About Effective

Effective is the go-to UX partner for high-technology companies, including industry leaders within aerospace and aviation, biotech and healthcare, consumer and industrial electronics, defense, energy, financial services, software and telecom. In making technology more usable, useful and desirable, we help our clients reinvent significant aspects of their business – from the experience provided to customers, to the tools used to streamline operations, to the products brought to market. We work collaboratively with clients to solve complex business problems and drive transformation through four tightly integrated areas of expertise: user research and insight, digital strategy, UX design, and UI development and integration.

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