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Denver – October 25, 2016

EffectiveUI Jumpstarts Concept Momentum for Clients, Delivers High-fidelity Prototype in Five Days

Weeklong Accelerator Program Brings Idea Point to Innovation With “Effective Labs” Offering

EffectiveUI, a leading digital experience agency with a measurable, human-centered design approach to building better experiences, today launched “Effective Labs,” an innovation accelerator program that delivers a high-fidelity, clickable prototype in five days. From startups to mid-level movers to enterprise organizations, Effective Labs can validate a concept, expedite go-to-market, or bring an outside-in approach that shifts entrenched industry verticals and fast-tracks new ones.

“We often hear from clients they have infinite ideas, but when it comes to making these ideas come to life in the digital world, they swirl in a vortex between marketing, IT and product departments,” said Peyton Lindley, chief strategy officer, EffectiveUI. “The value in our Labs offering is client-driven. Whether a client is looking to authenticate an idea, move quickly toward a prototpye, or expand an offering with an accelerator program, we partner as the catalyst to propel ideas into real, testable products in just one week.”

Clients engaging with EffectiveUI for the Labs experience benefit from the ability to drive internal alignment and momentum with a blueprint for creating business-changing digital experiences.

“Effective Labs is a process derived from more than a decade of building transformative experiences for some of the biggest and most innovative companies in the world,” said Zach Hendershot, vice president of technology, EffectiveUI. “We’ve seen time and again the value of experimentation, prototyping and exploration with our clients, and this process melds the best industry practices with EffectiveUI’s unique approach in meeting our clients where the need is.”

In 2006, EffectiveUI began gaining a name for itself by creating user-interface projects for innovative clients in nearly every space. Today, the experience design agency continues to work with a myriad of client verticals and maturation levels, offering a variety of design and development services. Effective Labs is the newest service deployment and is gaining traction with healthcare, financial services, industrials and civic innovators, among others.

Effective Labs Process + Procurement

As product development can be an expensive and time-consuming process, Effective Labs looks to address the difficulties in predicting whether a product will drive results. Two areas that can be expedited with the Labs process include:

  • An outside-in perspective that delivers an actual prototype at the end of a concentrated session to address the speed and swing of market and industry evolution.
  • Lessons-learned or –projected waiting for a product to reach the market, avoiding lost time, revenue and market position.

Influenced by “Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days,” by Jake Knapp, the five-day Effective Labs process is composed of the following steps and daily themes:

  • Unpack: Day one focuses on design thinking around the intended product with the client onsite to address key questions, trying to gather as much relevant knowledge and expertise as possible. In many cases, different divisions of a business can have very different perspectives of what the business problems are.
  • Sketch: After establishing solid project goals and defining the addressable problems, the team begins sketching design solutions on day two with each member individually sketching possible user paths through the product.
  • Decide: Day three involves narrowing down the options and converging on a single solution to prototype.
  • Prototype: On day four, the team works to develop a final storyboard to act as the guiding blueprint for the interactive prototype, and begins building the high-fidelity product.
  • Test: The final day starts with 1-on-1 user testing and analysis, including monitoring how users navigate through the prototype.

Hendershot added: “To deliver the best possible user-centered experiences for our clients, we employ a test-driven design methodology via end-to-end, immersive engagements, and on the other end of the spectrum, our Effective Labs offering is designed to rapidly ideate and iterate on user-tested prototypes. These prototypes help us communicate our design solutions, provide us with valuable feedback from real users, and ultimately give us a solid foundation for future product development. We see tremendous value in prototyping and believe this process ultimately helps us deliver the best solution for the right problem.”

What Happens After Labs

A fundamental benefit of the Effective Labs process is “rapid validity” – proving or disproving the idea is salable to a market or to internal stakeholders.

“After the Labs process, clients usually experience iterations of this process, revisiting Labs-based design solutions, adjusting the prototype, and testing with new users,” said Hendershot. “Once the client is comfortable with the solutions prototyped and has been able to verify those solutions with end-users, we can feel confident in moving forward with development in a larger-scale engagement.”

Effective Labs can be experienced at Effective offices around the country, including the Denver headquarters and New York office, or it can be coordinated at or near a client's campus. More information on the Effective Labs process can be found here.

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