water for people

The Re-Imagine Reporting platform is a completely new and transparent way for Water For People to manage data, improve outcomes and prove efficacy to stakeholders.

Water For People is an international nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting improved access to water and sanitation systems and services in developing countries. The organization was looking for a way to track and hone the progress it is making toward solving the water and sanitation crisis via its programs.

At the same time, the organization wanted to shift from the traditional financial reporting structure of a nonprofit and instead provide stakeholders and donors with a visual application that shows exactly the progress being made with their contributions. The Re-Imagine Reporting platform not only helps the organization support programs that have deeper, long-term impact, but also more effectively demonstrates the impact of the contributions it receives.

The reporting tool produces a visual ‘snapshot,’ which allows staff, partners, communities, donors and the broader nonprofit community see programmatic outcomes, challenges faced and future direction. Using a visually compelling approach to reporting, the platform allows donors to ensure their money is being used effectively while providing a comprehensive view of field results over time.

The Re-Imagine Reporting platform is an interactive window into Water For People’s progress, aiming to

  • Visualize financial data, partnership assessments and yearly country program analyses in a way that makes the information meaningful and easy to understand.
  • Display the totality of ongoing work, allowing stakeholders to see the overall impact as well as the ability to drill down into regions, countries and districts.
  • Allow donors and the broader development community to see the breadth of outcomes and impact.

The platform can be easily managed and understood by staff and partners in 10 different countries, allowing them to reflect on organizational data and insight and make informed decisions to adjust on-the-ground operations as needed.

From a design standpoint, the platform addresses the need for audiences to understand the financial impact the organization’s donors are making, as well as the emotional impact their contributions are helping to achieve.

The design team created a comprehensive structure to the reporting tool – beginning with an overview to show the global impact Water For People is working toward. EffectiveUI spent time studying the content to be delivered and looking at different visualization techniques to determine the best way to convey the data so that it could easily provide a snapshot of results and progress as well as the ability for viewers to drill down deeply into the data.

The team landed on a storytelling approach, combining visual financial and statistical data with emotive video and text that helps stakeholders really understand the impact of their contributions. Re-Imagine Reporting was also designed with other platforms in mind so that it can eventually be re-created for mobile or tablet, giving easy interaction access to stakeholders from multiple channels.

EffectiveUI selected Liferay, a Java-based open source portal solution, as the backbone of the platform. The Liferay Portal provides real-time content management system (CMS) editing capabilities and the ability to upload financial and program data and build custom application elements.

In order to create the most immersive
experience across multiple devices for
stakeholders and field staff, the Re-Imagine Reporting platform also incorporates HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Charts and graphs were rendered in Highcharts, a rich JavaScript charting library.